Genius Juice on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

genius juice on Shark Tank

Genius Juice - WeFunder

Genius Juice will be appearing on Shark Tank on Sunday, January 19 at 9 p.m. ET. The company founder and his companions will pitch to the sharks to see if they can get an investment in the healthy coconut smoothie company.

Genius Juice originally launched in 2014 at small trade shows and markets. Since then, the company has been through plenty of ups and downs including discontinuations and relaunches of original products.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be airing and the exposure is massive for our brand and product on a national platform like Shark Tank. We are very grateful for the opportunity,” Alex Bayer, Genius Juice Founder and CEO told Bevnet. “We have been preparing for this and ensuring that we are well stocked with product in anticipation for a big boost in online sales.”

Here’s what you need to know about Genius Juice:

1. Genius Juice Recently Launched a Crowdfunding Campaign

For their next round of capital, Genius Juice launched a crowdfunding campaign on Their base goal for raising capital this round is $1.07 million, but they will cap the funding off at $2.5 million if it goes that high.

They told Bevnet they were raising capital for the significant expansion they see going into 2020. They will be launching their juice at Publix and some additional Whole Foods stores. They also wanted to allow consumers and fans to be able to invest in the company.

“What’s great is not only can we bring in investors from the outside to put funds in, we also have access to over 300,000 WeFunder members who invest in brands that tell a compelling story and are showing significant traction and growth,” Bayer said. “We fall into this category, increasing our revenue 300 percent year over year, and on track to double our revenue again by mid 2020 with all the commitments we have coming up.”

The campaign will go live on January 19, 2020, after the Shark Tank episode airs. They previously had a Kickstarter campaign where they had 58 backers and raised $15,375.

2. The Founders are Passionate About Nutritious Smoothies

Before starting Genius Juice, Bayer would make a smoothie every morning for breakfast, but he started to notice the lack of real and authentic smoothies on the market. According to the WeFunder page, the first time he tried a smoothie with the combination of coconut water and coconut meat, he even said “this is Genius!!”

After trying the combination and deciding he wanted to move forward with the idea, Bayer went to a local commissary and began to investigate the different types of coconuts. He cracked open countless Thai coconuts and made them into smoothies themselves, scraping out the meat with a spoon and then pouring the water into blenders. They would sell the smoothies to anyone and everyone, including Bayer’s neighbors at the time.

Bayer, along with founding partner Keith Landers, would spend hours in the commissary, creating the smoothies as demand grew. In late 2014, the group got the opportunity to pitch their product to the Whole Foods Regional Office for the Southern Pacific Region. They launched at Whole Foods in 55 stores in March 2015.

3. Their Mission is To Be a Zero-Waste Company

The Genius Juice website says the mission statement is to not only bring the healthiest and tastiest product to the market, but also to be a zero-waste company. They pledged to use the entire coconut, including the husk.

After the coconut water and meat are taken from the husk and blended together, they up-cycle the husk, using it for generating alternative energy and converting it into coconut charcoal for detoxification products. They pledged to up-cycle the coconut husk beginning in 2017; the husks and shells are used for renewable energy initiatives in Thailand.

The boxes that Genius Juice ships in are made partially of recycled materials including a green foam liner that is made out of corn starch, which can be safely dissolved by running it under the faucet. It also includes reusable ice packs for less waste.

4. Genius Juice Comes in Three Flavors

In 2019, Genius Juice released two new flavors: the coffee coconut (mocha) smoothie, and the Tumeric coconut smoothie. They can be bought separately or as part of a variety pack.

The original smoothie is made simply from organic coconut water and organic coconut meat. No other ingredients are listed. The Tumeric smoothie is a little more complex. It does include both coconut water and coconut meat, but it also includes Tumeric, ginger, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, and black pepper.

Lastly, the mocha coconut smoothie includes coconut water, coconut meat, cocoa powder, coffee extract, vanilla extract, and pink salt. All smoothies are available in six-packs or in multiples of six. It is also available at certain retailers and through Amazon.

5. They Relaunched the Original Smoothie in 2017

Between 2015 and 2017, Genius Juice discontinued their original line of smoothies. When they launched their first Kickstarter campaign, they had a whole array of flavors available, but that line of products did not work out because the company had grown too wide for the current manufacturing capabilities at the time.

The company tried to rebrand and relaunch a line of superfood smoothies, but they were less popular than the coconut line, and some retailers dropped the brand at the time, leading Genius Juice to decide to drop the line and relaunch the original coconut smoothie.

“The most difficult part of this journey has been the pivot,” Bayer told BevNet. “But otherwise the formula is unchanged.”

He also stressed the importance of being passionate about the product they sell.

Tune in to Shark Tank on Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 9 p.m. ET to see if Genius Juice can get one of the sharks to bite.

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