Do Hannah Brown & Peter Weber Get Back Together?

Getty Hannah Brown and Peter Weber.

This season on The Bachelor, Hannah Brown appears on the first couple episodes of Peter’s season, which taped in September. But now, the question on some fans’ minds is: are Hannah Brown and Peter Weber back together?

Read on, but beware of spoilers for this season of The Bachelor. 

Some Outlets Suggest They Could Be Together Right Now

Some outlets have hinted at the fact that they could be together right now. After all, in a trailer for the upcoming season, Weber asks Hannah to join the other women in the house after she appears on night one of the limo arrivals. Based on the fact that Hannah started competing on Dancing With the Stars around the time of filming The Bachelor, however, it appears she did not take Weber up on his offer, and they are likely not dating.

Brown also hinted to as much during an interview with ET Online at Jingle Ball at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Brown said, “I feel like if we put two and two together, like, I worked my a** off to win that mirrorball… I was in the studio eight hours a day.” She added, “You should do the math and watch in January.”

When Weber spoke to ET’s Lauren Zima about Hannah’s appearance on the show, he admitted, “That was unexpected for me. I did not know she was coming that first night. She shows up, opens that door. I didn’t even realize it was her at first and then I noticed it’s her [as] she’s kind of walking closer out of the car.”

Weber continued, “I genuinely thought when I decided, ‘Yeah, I’ll be the Bachelor,’ that I was in a spot where I could do that. I was ready and moved on. I really did think that. She shows up that first night and I start to question that,” he confessed. “Just real emotions came up and it was all real. It was a real relationship we had.”

Reality Steve Has Said There Will ‘Not Be a Normal Ending’ This Season

Reality Steve, on his podcast, reveals that it is “not a normal ending” this season on The Bachelor. “I can say with about as much certainty as possible that this was not a normal ending this season. I don’t know what that means in terms of — when I say it was not a normal ending, what I’m saying is this…”

The final rose ceremony for Bachelor Peter’s season reportedly taped Sunday, November 17, in Australia.

On Thursday, Reality Steve said that he has no “definitive” answers, but he would do his best to fill in the blanks. He then outlined six possible endings for this season, and said that he doesn’t think that Peter is single. “I don’t buy that,” Peter said.

Reality Steve does say that there was no engagement on the final rose ceremony day. He says the reason they’re saying there is no “finality” on the final rose ceremony day is because that ending hasn’t happened yet.

The long and short of it is that we don’t know how this will all pan out. The ending likely hasn’t even been filmed, so the ending is still unknown. However, both Reality Steve and a number of other outlets are likely correct in assuming that Hannah Brown and Pilot Pete are no longer together, as she didn’t participate in the filming of the season.

The only way they would still be together is if Peter said no to both his final two girls, and then went back to Hannah. Our guess? He has, or will choose, one of his final two eventually, and neither of those two is Hannah.

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