Are Jared Kelderman & Kelsey Owens Still Together on ‘Siesta Key’?

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The MTV hit reality show Siesta Key has been having a spicy season so far, with make-ups and break-ups all around. Season three episode three, however, might be the spiciest of them yet, with Jared Kelderman and Kelsey Owens possibly getting together this time around.

Kelsey previously revealed to Us Weekly that she was single throughout filming on season 3 of the show and had a good time. However, during the season, it was clear that Jared was interested in Kelsey, saying “Those are some toes you don’t want to step on.”

It looks like Kelsey is back with Garrett right now though, going off her Instagram, so it’s likely anything going on with Jared was short-lived. She also spent a lot of time with Jake last season.

Kelsey and Garrett are Back Together

In a picture uploaded to Instagram earlier in July, Kelsey wished Garrett a happy birthday.

“We’ve come so far and I’m happy we’re at where we are today,” she wrote. “I hope your day is as special as you’ve made all these years for me.”

Five weeks ago, she also uploaded a photo of her with Garrett, writing “The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Tune in tonight at 8/7 c to see it all unfold.”

The most recent photo Kelsey uploaded of her with Jared was months ago, and it was a photo wishing Jared happy birthday. Jared’s Instagram does not have any proof either way; the feed does not feature any pictures of him solo with a woman recently.

Jared and Kelsey did not play a huge role in any of the drama in episode 2, so it’s likely they’ll be more front-and-center on episode 3 of the season.

Previews Suggest Kelsey Might Hook Up With a New Cast Member

Kelsey has been seeing Jake Petersen for quite some time, but the show makes it seem like Jared might ruin that long-distance relationship. Jake is Robby’s business partner who joined the show after taking photos of the Siesta Key past over the past year.

Jake’s Instagram features him and Kelsey goofing around and laughing together. In a photo uploaded seven weeks ago captioned “You make me feel what I’d imagine @chickfila operating on Sundays would feel like,” the two of them are looking pretty cozy. Kelsey often comments on his photos there as well.

Though it’s not likely that Kelsey and Jared will be together for long, it’ll still be interesting to watch their fling play out.

“This past year when I went through some stuff & friends told me ‘things happen for a reason & I should trust everything will work out for the best’ I rolled my eyes but now I’m starting to realize they were right,” Kelsey tweeted on January 20.

Tune in to Siesta Key at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST to see if Kelsey and Jared’s sparks are real and if they can make a relationship work between them.

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