Jesus & Alexis on MTV’s ‘Catfish’ Season 8

Nev Schulman

Getty Nev Schulman attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Tonight, on Catfish, Jesus finds out if his online girlfriend, Alexis, is real with the help of hosts Nev and Kameran “Kamie” Crawford.

An anonymous tip is emailed to Nev and Kamie, which said Jesus, a man from Texas who appears to weigh upwards of 400 pounds, is being catfished by a woman named Nikki who claims to be the woman named Alexis to whom Jesus thinks he’s speaking, according to an In Touch exclusive.

When Nev shows the email to Jesus, he can’t believe that Nikki might be Alexis because the two don’t look anything alike. Everyone is confused about which one is the real girl. And which one is talking to Jesus.

In Touch continues that a “whistleblower” texts Jesus, telling him to stop talking to someone named Nicole because she is lying about her identity. Jesus can’t understand it.

Nev breaks it down, says In Touch, and says that Alexis might not actually be real, and that someone whose real name is actually Nikki (or Nicole) may be playing a trick on him. The confusion continues.

Kamie takes things a step further, asking Jesus if he intended to “put a ring on it” if Alexis was indeed real.

Jesus’ response is “Maybe, yeah.”

Nev Schulman posted to Twitter, “Tonights episode of #catfish is as REAL as it gets. Tune in @ 8/7c on @MTV.” The post includes a cryptic video in which the cast and Jesus are flustered and confused, which is apparent in each of their facial expressions. Jesus looks physically uncomfortable throughout, blinking his eyes with effort to squeeze out a tear at the video’s conclusion.

In Touch continues that Jesus’ friend, who appears throughout the show, says, [Alexis] “makes him happy. When he talks about her, when he talks to her, he like, lights up. To me, that’s what matters the most. I care about him a lot and I’ve been there with him through a lot.”

In Touch did not confirm if the friend was the one who sent the anonymous email to Nev or the anonymous text to Jesus.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Jesus, Nev and Kamie get in the Tahoe and head out to meet Alexis. They stand around in a parking lot for what seems like forever. The video ends with Jesus standing in the dark, wearing a red tee shirt.

Catfish posted on Twitter, “Jesus and the gang have finally locked down a meeting with Alexis, but things don’t go as planned. See what happens next on a new episode of #Catfish TONIGHT at 8/7c on @MTV.”

Is Jesus getting catfished by a mystery woman whose real name is actually Nikki (or Nicole) and not really Alexis? Will Alexis or Nikki show up to the parking lot? Will anyone? What will Jesus do?

Watch Catfish on MTV tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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