Justin Bieber: Seasons Docuseries 2020 Episode 1 Spoilers & Recap

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber launched his docuseries Seasons at noon on Monday, January 27, 2020.  The series, sponsored by Calvin Klein and hosted by YouTube, is Justin’s way of connecting with his fans and sharing his story, particularly as it concerns the breakdown he had during his 2017 Purpose Tour.

Of his breakdown and its coverage in the upcoming series, Justin has said, “As humans we go through so many ups and downs. So many good seasons, bad seasons.”

Justin Bieber is telling his story on his docuseries Seasons

Justin Bieber is telling his story on his docuseries Seasons

The series is a throwback and homage to where he got his start: YouTube. Of his affiliation with the media platform, Justin said, “When I was getting started, YouTube provided me a platform and a community where I could share music, experiences and moments with my fans.” With Seasons, Justin’s goal is to do just that: share his music and experiences with his fans.

Let’s take a closer look at the first episode and Justin’s journey as he came-of-age in the spotlight:

SPOILERS: We’re recapping episode 1 of Seasons, so only keep on reading if you don’t mind spoilers or have already seen the episode.

The first episode is 11 minutes long and opens with a flashback to when Justin announced his Purpose Tour on The Ellen Show in November 2015. The tour was praised for crossing the $200 million mark in proceeds and sales. But then Bieber shocked his fans by unexpectedly canceling the tour midway through, leading to fan and media speculation about his mental and physical health.

The episode then makes a two year time jump and shows Justin and his team traveling to his hometown of Stratford in Ontario, Canada. Justin says that he is excited to showcase his hometown because he hadn’t shown fans his roots since the Never Say Never documentary in 2011. Once in Stratford, Justin shows the Hollywood-inspired star of fame with his name on it that the city has cemented as a tribute to him. He also highlights a young girl playing the violin on the sidewalk by his star and speaks about how he used to perform in the same spot when he was young.

Justin then tours Stratford, passing a school he attended and telling a story about how he jumped the fence and was consequently suspended. When he arrived at his the apartment building in which he grew up, he talked about how weird it felt to arrive in a Range Rover and how he never could have imagined driving such a nice car when he was younger.

Throughout the first episode, Justin routinely praises his wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber. He speaks about how “she makes everything better” and how her support has helped him grow as both a person and an artist.

When it came to discussing the breakdown, Allison Kaye and Scooter Braun from Justin’s management team chimed in. They talked about how isolating and exhausting it is to be the center of attention in front of 50,000 people on a nearly daily basis.

The time off that Justin took was positively regarded by his management team. As Scooter mentioned in the episode, Justin met his wife, Hailey, during the time he spent away from touring.