Details on Kristen Doute & Ex-Boyfriend Brian Carter’s Break Up

Kristen Doute and Brian Carter split in 2019 after a rocky relationship that was cause for drama on Season 7 of Vanderpump Rules. The breakup presumably happened prior to the Season 7 reunion in May, but Kristen didn’t confirm the separation until September when she referred to it as “conscious uncoupling.”

Doute and Carter’s relationship wasn’t an easy one. As seen last season, the pair was constantly caught up in drama and arguments. The couple, who met on Bumble in 2016, has admitted to struggling with being unable to offer a “black and white” answer to their separation. Kristen has revealed that she sought out therapy and meditation to lead her to the decision to separate from Brian.

Ultimately, Kristen revealed to Page Six that, “Carter and I both know and have come to terms that our new label is friends.” With their new relationship status set to “friends,” are they dating other people now? Here’s where they each stand post-break up:

Is Kristen dating anyone?

In an interview with Bravo, Kristen spoke about how the break up has affected her views on love, dating, and herself. She has said that she is committed to nurturing self-love and that she is embracing being single.

Kristen is speaking out about being single and what she is hoping to accomplish while not in a relationship. When speaking to E!, Kristen said about her commitment to herself and strengthening her self-love, “The lesson I’ve learned through all these guys is I didn’t have enough self-love. That’s the journey I’m on right now.”

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Per her recent photos on Instagram, it looks like Kristen is enjoying friendships, love, laughter, and all that is good.  She definitely seems to be in a healthy headspace and creating a positive life for herself!

Kristen’s relationship status: Single.

Is Brian dating anyone?

Like Kristen, Brian seems to be working on his passion and bettering himself. He appears to be committing himself to his photography as his Instagram is filled with recent work he’s created. He hasn’t updated his Twitter since March 2019, so he may have decided to take some time to re-focus following the break up.

Brian has largely stayed out of the spotlight since his split with Kristen. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence indicating whether or not he’s in a relationship or dating anyone new.

Brian’s relationship status: Unknown.