Why Kristin Cavallari Won’t Have Her Kids on Her Reality Show

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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler spend a lot of time talking about their kids, but fans of Very Cavallari may have noticed that they’re not featured in the reality TV show.

The former The Hills star is mother to three children: Camden, 5, Jaxon, 4, and Saylor, 2.

In a May interview with People, Cavallari shared, “They’re not on the show at all. They would be around — we were filming sometimes and they would watch the monitors,” she said. “They loved being around it, but we want to keep our kids kids. I don’t even really show them on social media. If I post them, it’s of the back of their head or something to that degree. When they’re old enough to decide if they want a camera following them around that’s one thing, but they’re 5, 3, and 2 and I want to keep them that way.”

Their First Son Was Born in 2012

Kristin Cavallari: I Don't Know What I Did with My Time Before I Had Kids | PeopleKristin Cavallari, former "Hills" star, tells PEOPLE she's finally found herself in motherhood. Subscribe to People ►► po.st/SubscribePeople Stay on top of all the latest celebrity gossip – Scandals, news, rumors and more: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzS8B57pacxyPxBFbzjY5NqiJmUBvHgTE Celebrity love, romance and relationships – Never miss out on who’s dating who, recent break ups and new hook ups: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzS8B57pacxzBdPhE7vu69ONKbJemr4_l…2016-12-14T13:30:36.000Z

Cutler and Cavallari welcomed their oldest son, Camden, into the world on August 8, 2012. A year later, they got married. Since then, they’ve given birth to Jaxon and Saylor.

In a 2016 interview with People, Cavallari shared, “Becoming a mom is where I blossomed. I finally feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be in my life and I’m very comfortable being a mom,… I’m proud of the way that we’ve raised our kids. I’ve done a few controversial things apparently but I’m so confident in my decisions. My kids are happy and healthy, and that’s all I care about.”

Cavallari says she values her time with her children and has learned to manage that time well, even though she is often busy with work. Speaking to Today, she says, “I’ve learned how to manage my time working on all three while still being a hands-on mom, picking the kids up at school, packing their lunches, I do swim classes with the boys. I want to be that mom. I don’t want a nanny picking my kids up. I want to be there. So that’s the most important thing to me.”

This Season on ‘Very Cavallari’

"Very Cavallari" This Season: Old Friends…and New Foes | E!Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler are back for another year in Nashville–but they're trading Kelly for Justin! Catch the season premiere Thursday, January 9 at 9|8c on E! #VeryCavallari #EEntertainment #KristinCavallari #JayCutler SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/Eentsub About Very Cavallari: “Very Cavallari” is a new docu-series starring celebrity entrepreneur and reality superstar, Kristin Cavallari. With her new home…2019-12-20T15:59:49.000Z

Season 3 of Very Cavallari will focus on Cavallari as a businesswoman and the expansion of Uncommon James.

Speaking to Global News, Cavallari says, “… Season 3 actually isn’t about the staff. It’s about the growth of the company. The only staff member that you get to see is Brittainy. Other than that, we took the cameras out of the office for the most part, and it’s more about my personal life and my friend group.”

Asked what she’s learned from her experiences on other reality shows that she’s taken into her own show (which she is an executive producer on), Cavallari says, ” I think that I have a pretty good idea of what people want to see and what you have to do to make a good show. It kind of puts me in a tough spot though because I’m just not willing to do a lot of things that I did back in the day because now, obviously, I’m a wife and I’m a mom. It’s not just me anymore that I have to worry about. I also think it has to do with age, too. When you’re 18 to 22, you just think you’re invincible. It’s that age where you just kind of do whatever you want. I’ve grown up quite a bit so I think the hardest part is just continuously coming up with a compelling story for the show.”

Be sure to tune in to a new season of Very Cavallari kicking off Thursday on E! at 9pm ET/PT.

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