Why Isn’t ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ on Tonight?

Legends of Tomorrow

Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Pictured (L-R): Caity Lotz as Sara Lance and Jes Macallan as Ava Sharpe

The CW’s most eclectic Arrowverse show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, aired its season 5 premiere last week, but there is not a new episode on today, January 28. That’s because the Arrow series finale event is taking up two hours instead of one, booting Legends season 5 episode 2 to next week.

No need to fear, though. Legends will be back next Tuesday, February 4, for episode 2. It will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT following the midseason premiere of The Flash. 

While the Arrowverse is saying goodbye to Arrow, its flagship show, there is still a lot to look forward to when it comes to the CW’s superhero universe.

The backdoor pilot for Green Arrow and The Canaries aired last week, and if that gets picked up, it’s likely it would begin airing in the fall alongside Superman and Lois. Stargirl will begin airing on both The CW and DC Universe this spring, and we still have Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, The Flash, and Batwoman, which are all moving forward from their midseason premieres.

What’s Ahead on Legends This Season?

The Legends recently realized (in episode one) that they’d become famous in the wake of the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Most of them were okay with the outcome, but Sara (Caity Lotz), was unhappy with the new status quo, so the group found an inventive way to nip their fame in the bud.

Constantine (Matt Ryan) found out that there were certain demons coming back to Earth, and they found one of these demons in episode one in none other than Rasputin.

In episode two, the Legends will travel to 1947 Los Angeles. From the episode description, Nate (Nick Zano) will reunite with Zari (Tala Ashe) in this episode and try to figure out why she seems so familiar to him. For those who don’t know, Nate and Zari were in a relationship before the events of Crisis took place.

From there, expect more Nate and Zari screentime, since that seems to be the way the writers are going this season. It’s also possible that they’ll be ramping up on the Ray and Nora storyline, since that should be coming to a conclusion this season.

Legends is Losing Two Main Characters in Season 5

Series regulars Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/The Atom) and Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk) will both be departing the series sometime in season 5. Prior to the start of the season, it was announced that the two would be leaving the show; their characters will be written off.

It doesn’t sound like the characters will be killed off, though. They will have their storylines wrapped up, but a statement said they may return.

“Of course, when we have had main characters in the past whose journeys take them away from the Waverider, it’s never truly goodbye,” the statement said. “We love these characters and hope to check in with them in future seasons, to see how life off the ship has transformed them for the better or worse.”

Routh announced on Twitter that it was not his decision to leave the show and he is saddened to see the end of Ray’s journey. In an Instagram post, he shared that he loves playing Ray and that it’s unfortunate his storyline will point in another direction. He thanked the CW, Warner Bros, and DC Comics for bringing him back into the superhero world. Routh previously portrayed Superman.

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