WATCH: Disturbing Lia Marie Johnson Livestream Video Worries Fans

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Internet personality Lia Marie Johnson has worried her fans after posting a livestream video to her 1.3 million followers on Instagram. The video, which has since been deleted from her page, appeared to show the 23-year-old influencer highly intoxicated and telling viewers to “F*** off” after they showed concern for her well-being.

The video was posted in the early hours of January 2. Johnson stopped and re-started the livestream for a total of about 20 minutes of live content. In the video, Johnson, who’s garnered 1.8 million subscribers on her personal YouTube channel and starred in the Nickelodeon movie Terry the Tomboy, appears to be hanging out in a recording studio, slurring her words while speaking to her viewers on Instagram.

With loud music playing in the background, Johnson is seen kissing a man off-screen, believed to be her producer. About 15 minutes into the video, the man, who never shows his face on camera, can be heard saying, “Are you on Instagram? No, you’re not – you can’t be on Instagram. Are you really on Instagram? Because that would be bad.”

Johnson replies, “No,” but the man persists with his questioning.

“Then what is this?” he asks. “Tell me the truth. What is this?” before grabbing Johnson’s phone and saying, “Now, we’re going back to us. I’m hijacking your phone.”

As viewers voiced their concern in the livestream’s comments section, offering to call the police, Johnson fired back, saying straight to the camera, “F*** all of you, do not send the f***ing cops to my f***ing address. No these people right here are the most f***ed up.”

Because Johnson appears to be completely intoxicated in the video and lies to the man off-screen about posting live on social media, viewers couldn’t help but wonder if this was a cry for help. The man with her at the recording studio could be heard whispering in the background, “Lia, I need this to not go out, because it will affect my work. Please, turn it off.”

While numerous users on Twitter shared the video and tagged YouTube stars Shane Dawson and Keemstar to help her, the latter sent out an alleged update on Johnson’s health on Thursday.

Johnson Said Cops Showed Up & Arrested Her But That There’s Nothing To Worry About

Johnson restarted her Instagram livestream later in the evening, this time buckled up in the seat of a car, and alleged that police showed up and put her under arrest.

0he said, “The cops showed up and detained me and put cuffs on my hands, so I would really appreciate if everyone just took a second to connect to themselves and stopped worrying so much. There’s no reason to worry. I’m okay. I just want to be left alone. And I wanna be left alone f0r a long time. I’m doing my show at Selma, and then I’m probably going to f*** off for a few years. So, 2020 doesn’t really exist for me.”

“I hope everyone enjoys their lives. I’m sorry that I worried everyone. Please, please please, stop calling,” Johnson pleads. “Please leave me alone because I just want to be in love with someone. I will absolutely f*** off from everyone’s lives, the way that you want…. Thank you, everyone, for your f***ing help.”

This Is Not The First Time Johnson Has Posted Erratic Videos & Caused Viewers To Worry

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I look so happy in this ??

A post shared by Lia Marie Johnson (@lia) on Dec 22, 2019 at 2:34pm PST

Originally from Hawaii, Johnson first created her YouTube channel in 2007 but broke out after working with the Fine Brothers on their Emmy Award-winning series Kids React. She also appeared in the spin-offs Teens React and YouTubers React.

Johnson is also an established singer. After signing with Capitol Records, she released the album Moonshine in 2019. In late December, Johnson posted about her success as a recording artist, giving thanks to her listeners. She wrote, “thank u. idk how this happened, thought I fell off the face of the earth. Cheers to 2020 and more music ?? couldn’t be more grateful.”

The popular influencer seemed to be doing okay leading up to her livestream video on January 2, but such was the case back in May 2019 when she broadcasted a series of videos on Instagram Live that alarmed viewers.

In one video, which has since been deleted, her speech is slurred and Johnson appears to be laughing uncontrollably and then suddenly bursting into tears. She says, “No human is worth understanding,” which caused viewers to seriously worry about her well-being.

However, Johnson insisted to her followers that she was “not high” and that she has to “keep going on other drugs.” She also announced that she was finished with her YouTube channel.

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