‘Life After Lockup’ Season 2 Couples & Cast Spoilers

Lacey and Shane, Love After Lockup

Instagram Lacey and Shane, stars of the hit reality series "Love After Lockup," appear to still be together today and going strong. The two might even be expecting a baby.

Life After Lockupthe popular spinoff to WE tv’s hit reality series Love After Lockuppremieres Friday, January 3, 2020 at 9 p.m. EST. Season 2 features several returning couples, including Megan, Michael and Sarah, Andrea and Lamar, Clint and TracieCheryl and Josh, Marcelino and Brittany, Lacey, John and Shane, and Angela and Tony.

The description for episode 1, titled “Skeletons in the Closet,” reads, “Andrea’s secret stuns her friends; Michael gets grilled; Lacey receives startling texts.” The synopsis for episode 2, which airs next Friday night, January 10 at the same time, reads, “Michael faces Megan’s father; Shane explodes; Tony ignites a firestorm; Sarah uncovers dirt.”

Here’s what you need to know about the couples this season, courtesy of WE tv:

Megan, Michael and Sarah

Love After Lockup

InstagramMichael, Megan and Sarah’s love triangle during the second season of “Love After Lockup” has fans wondering who he chose in the end. Here’s what we know.

Fans will remember Michael, Megan and Sarah as the “love triangle” from season 2; their dramatic love triad left viewers scrambling to try to keep up with their issues for some time. Michael had apparently married the mother of his daughter in secret in October, 2017, but was still dating Megan on the side. Their triangle continued through the first season of Life After Lockup, and it appears Michael still hasn’t figure out who he wants to be with, as both ladies appear in promos for this season of the show.

WE tv’s description of their relationship reads, “Megan and Sarah continue to struggle on whether to forgive and forget Michael. Is the forever playboy harboring yet another huge secret that could cause serious repercussions and complications with Megan and Sarah?”

Andrea and Lamar

InstagramAndrea and Lamar on ‘Love After Lockup.’

WE tv’s description of their relationship reads, “While Andrea and Lamar are living separately, Andrea reveals a huge secret that could change everything. Can their relationship survive the distance?”

Clint and Tracie

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Clint and Tracie took part in the second season of the show, and are probably one of the most volatile couples in Love After Lockup history. The two met for the first time when Tracie was released from prison; they got hitched the very next day at a Houston saloon, and within 24 hours, Tracie allegedly went on a “motherf–king crack binge” and disappeared with Clint’s rental car. Although viewers watched as Tracie got off parole during her time on Love After Lockup, the reality star was arrested again in August for felony drug possession, which landed her back in jail.

WE tv’s description of their relationship reads, “Will Clint stand by his wife? Or will he live up to his declaration ‘to leave Tracie once and for all if she gets locked up again?'”

Cheryl and Josh

Cheryl and Josh, Love After Lockup

WE tv/YouTubeCheryl and Josh, stars of the hit reality series “Love After Lockup,” have faced many ups and downs on the show. So are the two still together today?

Cheryl and Josh met after Cheryl started working on a school report about serial killers and came across Josh’s picture in a Google image search. She sent Josh a letter and the two became penpals, quickly fell in love, and started making plans for a future together after Josh’s release. The couple has faced plenty of issues throughout the season, including having a hard time adapting to a relationship outside of the prison walls, as well as issues with both of their families.

WE tv’s description of their relationship reads, “Cheryl decides to move to Colorado with Josh to keep their love alive, but will Josh be able to maintain his parole restrictions and keep himself out of the slammer?”

Marcelino and Brittany

Marcelino and Brittany have been together for several years now, and are still going strong today; the couple wed and welcomed their first baby on January 1st, 2019, and although fans were initially worried that Marcelino was too controlling for Brittany, she has fiercely defended her husband on social media and often posts pictures of the two of them exploring Las Vegas, promoting Life After Lockup, and spending time with family.

WE tv’s description of their relationship reads, “Brittany’s mom makes the move to Vegas for support as Brittany is expecting baby number 3. However, they’ve never truly confronted the issues about Brittany’s past. Will living in such close quarters reopen old wounds that run deep?”

Lacey, John and Shane

Lacey’s love triangle with now-husband Shane Whitlow and ex-fiance John Slater kept viewers scrambling to keep up with the drama for most of the last season. However, it looks like Lacey finally made up her mind on who she wants to spend the rest of her life with – Shane, who she married during the season 2 finale. Unfortunately for the happy couple, it looks like John isn’t ready to let the cam model go; all three of the reality stars will feature on the new season, with John jumping back in to stir up some drama between the newlyweds.

WE tv’s description of their relationship reads, “Shane reveals a major secret he’s been keeping from Lacey, while Lacey has a secret of her own that could jeopardize everything. Meanwhile, John won’t give up on his love for Lacey.”

Angela and Tony

Angela and Tony, Love After Lockup

WE tvAngela and Tony, stars of the hit reality series “Love After Lockup,” are featured on the second half of season 2. Here’s what we know about the couple.

Angela and Tony featured on the first season of the reality prison series and are returning once again to continue sharing their love story (or, quite possibly their breakup story, based on how the last season ended). The couple has had a rocky relationship throughout both of their seasons of the show, including cheating scandals and issues with Tony’s parole, and this season promises much of the same after Angela caught Tony texting a prostitute.

WE tv’s description of their relationship reads, “Tony is released for the second time, but will he put his bad boy ways behind him once and for all?”

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