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When Surviving R Kelly was released last year, one of the standout interview subjects was Lisa Van Allen, who started dating the R&B singer when she was 17.

During her interview on the Lifetime docuseries, Van Allen alleged that R Kelly “coerced her into engaging in a number of threesomes, even though she had no interested in participating,” in the words of the Hollywood Reporter.

When Kelly was indicted on 21 counts of child pornography, Van Allen testified.

She Has Openly Discussed Her Feelings on the Upcoming Sequel

The last time Van Allen was in the public eye was for a November 25 interview with TMZ, in which she was asked about her reaction to Jocelyn Savage’s change of heart. (For those who need clarification– Jocelyn Savage, who is now 24, is R. Kelly’s supposed girlfriend and has been living with him since she was 19. She kept quiet while the first Lifetime documentary was released, but in a March interview with Gayle King, she came out defending R Kelly, saying their relationship was consensual. In November, she flipped her story, as TMZ reports, and amended her previous statements, saying that she is, in fact, a “victim” of R. Kelly. She also said she would be sharing the details about her relationship with R Kelly on Patreon, a subscription-based content service.)

Speaking to TMZ, Van Allen said that the tell-all stories on Savage’s Patreon account didn’t make sense. “At first I was really excited for her and happy, but as I’ve gone on to read the different chapters, I’m not all that convinced it’s her… things that I’ve read. At one point she said something about condoms, and Rob doesn’t use condoms.”

Since Van Allen’s interview, Savage has come forward again, saying that she was “hacked” when she posted her Patreon account and is still dating R Kelly, whom she speaks to everyday. In her Instagram video, Savage says, “I just want everyone to know, we still support him and we will never betray him.”

Van Allen Will Not Be Part of Lifetime’s New Series

Speaking to TMZ Live, Van Allen said that she will not be part of tonight’s Surviving R. Kelly Part Two: The Reckoning.

She tells TMZ, “I’m also not going to be on the new Lifetime show. I don’t know if you guys knew that.”

Asked why, she says, “I’m a little disappointed in Lifetime, the direction they went with the show wasn’t where I thought it should be going… what should be healing and raising awareness and speaking positively about what we’re doing now. They’re not doing that. They’re being really messy, they’re adding new people in there that aren’t credible, and it’s kind of going to be like a reality show, and I don’t want to be a part of that.”

While Van Allen has not spoken to the press about R Kelly in the past couple of months, she is still active on Instagram.

On December 11, she wrote on social media that even though she respectfully declined to be a part of Surviving R Kelly Part 2, Lifetime still included her in the trailer for the docuseries. “I didn’t approve and was unaware of any use of my face, name , footage , stills new or old of my likeness to promote the show or to be on the show. So they used old footage of me. This is very deceptive to the viewers.”

Most recently, Van Allen posted a selfie on New Year’s Day with the caption, “2020 I see things clearer…I wanted to bring the year in all natural…No weave , no lashes (lord knows I love my lashes) , no fake nails, no make up just my hair pulled back in a bun. I love this Lisa & I’m not afraid to show it. 2020 let’s all work on keeping it ? with ourselves 1st. If your that chick or that guy you should feel the same in your most natural state. You don’t need anything artificial to be beautiful. Your worst enemy is self doubt love your self 1st. Happy New Year to you all ? ? !!! Post a natural pic of yourself & tag me I will repost them all in one if we get enough people to participate…let’s start a new challenge.”

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