Madisson’s Father Disapproves of Her Boyfriend on ‘Siesta Key’

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It’s season 3 of MTV’s Siesta Key, and Madisson Hausberg has a new boyfriend, Ismael “Ish” Soto. Madisson’s father does not disapprove of the relationship because Ish is 21 years older than Madisson. 

Madisson was worried when coming back to Siesta Key because she didn’t know how the rest of the cast would react to the fact that she and Ish are together now. Ish served as a producer on season one of the show, so the cast knew him well before the announcement. Ish, who is 46 years old, and Madisson, 25, reconnected during fall 2019; their relationship was made public on Instagram in 2020. 

In the post, Madisson wrote “2019 was a crazyyy year! Thank you all so much for your kindness and support. It means the world to me. I love you all and I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!”

Madisson’s Father Disapproves of the Relationship

In a teaser for the new season of Siesta Key, Madisson sits down with her father at Pier 22 Restaurant in Sarasota, Florida to tell him about their relationship. He asks Ish how old he is and then how old Madisson is.

Madisson and Ish have a 21 year age gap. Since Madisson’s father is 66, he’s closer in age to Ish than Ish is to Madisson. This leads him to disapproving of the relationship and trying to discourage Madisson from continuing with it. 

“He’s too old,” her father tells her as she wipes a tear from her cheek. “It’s not gonna work.” 

Madisson is then seen Facetiming Ish, telling him that her period is late. While it seems like they have a scare, it doesn’t appear that she is currently pregnant. 

She’s Been Slowly Introducing People to the Idea

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During the first episode of the season, Madisson discussed the romance with Chloe Trautman, leading to Chloe being shocked and saying “This is nuts.” 

Madisson has a complex romantic history; in the first season, she was dating Brandon Gomes but later reconnected with her college boyfriend Ben Riney. This led to a love triangle, and Madisson ultimately left both of the men. Brandon confronted Ish on last week’s episode of the show, telling him that it’s messed up and “a whole bag of weird.”

“That was the girl I loved,” Brandon confessed to Ish. “That means that you had your sights on her for a long time!” Ish denied the accusation. 

On how her relationship with Ish began, Madisson told MTV that all of the cast was close with the producers. 

“We get to know our producers so well, and we talk to them more than we talk to each other because we are opening up to them about everything,” she said. “We form really close relationships with these people. But we did not have any romantic relationship when he was working on the show, and it wasn’t until two years later that it did start, but we were close, and he was close with all of us.”

Madisson has not said much more about the relationship to date, but she told Elite Daily that the season overall would be pretty nerve-racking for her. 

“It was a very difficult thing for me to come out with because I was so afraid of the criticism I would get when I came out to my friends and family,” she said. “My relationship was scary to bring to the group.” 

Siesta Key airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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