Max Boyens: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Max Boyens (R) with 'Vanderpump' co-star Kristen Doute.

Max Boyens is a new cast member on Vanderpump Rules season 8. He is TomTom’s general manager, and his Bravo bio states that he makes a point of not dating employees who work underneath him. Despite this rule, Boyens, 27, finds himself caught in a love triangle with two of his employees during the season.

Read on to learn more about Boyens, his restaurant background, and how his past romance with Vanderpump Rules veteran Scheana Shay may come back to haunt him in the workplace.

1. Boyens Has Been TomTom’s General Manager Since 2018

Boyens’ LinkedIn confirms that he’s been the GM of TomTom’s since it opened in 2018. He worked a number of jobs prior to linking up with the bar, including Sales Representative at FEAT Socks and Operations Manager at TAO Group. The latter is described as a “leading restaurant and nightlife company that develops, owns and operates many of the most successful food, beverage and nightlife entertainment venues in the United States.”

Boyens’ work as GM has been praised by his superiors. Tom Schwartz, who is one half of TomTom’s, said that Boyens was a crucial reason as to why the bar is successful. “The reason TomTom runs so smoothly is because we’ve hired the best staff on the planet,” he said during an exclusive sneak peek. “And then there’s Max. He’s the glue that holds it all together.”

Boyens hails from San Diego, California, and does not have a formal college education. His LinkedIn states that he briefly attended Allied Real Estate School in 2018, but he did not finish the course.

2. Boyens Has a Close-Knit Relationship with His Family

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Boyens may stress professionalism in the workplace, but he often posts photos of him goofing around with his family on his Instagram account. The reality star has over 6,340 followers on Instagram, coupled with an additional 280 followers on Twitter.

In 2017 the reality star posted a photo of his dad with the caption, “This is Charlie. Charlie is my dad. My dad is the selfie king and the funniest guy I know. I literally cried laughing when I read this caption because it’s just so absurd. Thanks for you being you dad. [He also knows how to do everything] literally.” He also posts numerous throwback photos with him and his dad when he was a child.

Boyens posted a birthday message to his mother on August 26, 2013. “Happy birthday to this woman right here. Mom, your a strong, independent half black woman who don’t need no man,” he wrote. “Once I’m at the top, your coming with me. Ill always take care of you. I Love you.” Boyens has also posted photos with his younger brother and sister, but he has not made their names public, nor do they have Instagram accounts of their own.

3. Boyens Is a Consultant & Mixologist for Una Mas Cocktails

Boyens has pursued various business ventures outside of his work at TomTom’s. One such venture is Una Mas Cocktails, which he announced on his Instagram on May 8, 2019. “So I’m sure you have noticed, maybe not. But my friends and myself have been working on this brand @unamascocktails and finally the pieces are coming together,” he wrote.

“Still a long road ahead but these are the faces behind the deliciousness we provide. Please give us a follow,” Boyens added. “We’ll be posting new cocktail ideas all the time to help you impress that girl or boy who doesn’t like you at all & your mom because she’s hot.”

Refinery29 states that Boyens works as a consultant and mixologist for Una Mas, and that he hopes to use his celebrity on Vanderpump Rules as a means of increasing Una Mas’ exposure on a national level.

4. Boyens Feels That Fraternizing with Employees Makes Work ‘Difficult’

Boyens told E! News that past experiences have led to him separating his personal and professional lives. He admitted to hooking up with hostess Dayna Kathan prior to season 8, and though he said they are “fine now,” he felt that romance always brings unneeded drama into the workplace.

“Ultimately, it’s…it’s hard, because it can really affect your work ethic if you kind of sulk or you’re upset about something,” Boyens explained. “Leaving [drama] at the door is the [preferred method].”

Kathan gave her own thoughts on workplace romance, and felt that tensions are bound to erupt in such a high-stress environment. “I think when you get a bunch of hot people together and a bunch of people that are all really cool and you all work under the same umbrella, things are bound to happen,” she said. “Like, it’s just organically what went on, you know?”

Boyens played coy about his relationship with Kathan. When asked whether things rekindle between them during season 8, he said, “No comment to that. You have to watch.”

5. Boyens Is Caught In a Love Triangle with Scheana Shay & Newcomer Brett Ciprioni

Despite his efforts to steer clear of romance, Boyens finds himself in a love triangle with Vanderpump Rules veteran Scheana Shay and series newcomer Brett Ciprioni. The latter hooked up with Shay prior to being hired at TomTom’s, and he fears that their past is being utilized by Shay of punishing Boyens.

“I just felt like [Scheana] was bringing me in there to f*ck with your head for some reason, and I never intended that,” Ciprioni told Boyens during the season premiere. “So, right off the bat it’s like, you know, that sh*t happens.”

Boyens told Hollywood Life that Shay is making their dynamic more dramatic than it actually is “So we [Max and Scheana] were seeing each other and no, it was prior to anything of knowing who Dayna was,” he explained. “It ended a long time ago… [It’s] more of a jealousy triangle that [Scheana] was trying to create out of nowhere.”

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