Mike Halterman: Meet Amy Slaton’s Husband On ‘1000-LB Sisters’

YouTube Mike Halterman and wife Amy Slaton

While Amy and Tammy Slaton are the main stars of TLC’s reality show 1000-Lb Sisters, there’s another very important person who appears regularly on the docuseries, Mike Halterman, Amy’s loving husband.

The couple met while attending the same high school in Dixon, Kentucky, and dated for years before tying the knot in Nashville on March 15, 2019. One of the biggest reasons Amy, 31, is gunning to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery is so that she and Halterman can start a family together. When filming started, she weighed in at 406 pounds.

So, who is the man standing alongside the Slaton sisters during this weight-loss journey? According to his Facebook page, Michael Halterman works as a mill operator at Shamrock Technologies and is extremely proud of his marriage. After Amy’s sister’s near-death hospital experience, which rendered her unable to do normal everyday activities around the house, he was fully supportive of allowing Tammy, who’s 32 and weighs 605 pounds, to move into their home.

Now, it’s three of them under the same roof as the Slaton sisters make moves to change their diet and start an exercise regimen. Halterman is not nearly as obese as his wife or Tammy, but he joins them in their feasting-sized dinners and is seen on the show chowing down on peanut butter and mayo sandwiches.

Here’s what you need to know about Mike Halterman:

Halterman & Slaton Will Celebrate A Second Wedding On The Series

Amy Slaton’s wedding dress

While the couple eloped without any family present, Amy and Mike now want to celebrate their marriage with a more traditional ceremony. During the filming of show, Amy struggles to find a wedding dress that will fit her, as most stores don’t carry her size. Be she finds success with a white gown ordered online.

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Gotta clean them up but it sinful colors in shine annie

A post shared by Amy Halterman (@amyslaton_halterman) on Dec 8, 2019 at 7:07pm PST

Mike also got Amy a new wedding band, which Amy proudly showed off on Instagram.

Mike Halterman Has His Own YouTube Channel

While the Slaton sisters have accrued a combined 150K followers on Youtube, Mike Halterman has his own channel, where he mostly streams Lego videos. He has less than 3K subscribers, but every now and then, when he posts a clip featuring himself and/or Amy, those videos get a spike in views.

Halterman Largely Stays Out Of The Drama, But The Issue Of Amy & Tammy Losing Weight Is A Life Or Death Situation

In episode 2 of 1,000-Lb Sisters,’ Halterman drives both sisters all the way to Atlanta for a special appointment with Dr. Charles Procter, who specializes in weight-loss. Because a seatbelt or normal car sears won’t fit Tammy, they pull out both rows of chairs so Tammy can lie down in the backseat.

While Halterman doesn’t accompany his wife into the appointment, Amy tells Dr. Procter, “I got asthma, I got thyroid, I got diabetes. I want to have a baby and I think my weight is affecting me not to have a baby.”

“So that’s your motivation. You want to have a baby. You want to get pregnant,” Dr. Procter responds.

“That and I just wanna be healthy and not like her to tell you the truth. I ain’t gonna lie to you,” Amy added, then pointed to her sister.

Tammy, clearly offended, responds by saying, “What’s wrong with me? B****, look at your fatness. You ain’t a prize.”

While Michael seems to stay out of the sisters’ way when they get into arguments, Dr. Procter, however, interrupted their fight to lay down the cold hard truth. “We just listed off a whole list of medical problems for both of you, and most of those medical problems are caused by being overweight. And I don’t think I have to tell you that if you guys don’t lose the weight and a lot of weight, you’re not going to live very long.”

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