‘Naked and Afraid’ Season 11: Meet the Contestants

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Naked and Afraid returns for its eleventh season on Discovery Channel. The series will feature the survival tactics and thrilling challenges that fans have come to know and love, but there’s a twist this time.

The new season will feature cast members who have competed in earlier seasons or spin-offs, and are therefore familiar faces. Read on for a complete rundown of the season 11 cast to find out which Naked and Afraid survivalists have returned.

‘Naked and Afraid’ Season 11 Will See Cast Members Return

The press release for season 11 confirmed that four top survivalists will be returning to the mix. These survivalists include Luke McLauglin (North Carolina), Gary Golding (California), Lacey Jones (Illinois) and Max Djenohan (Washington). Each of them will begin the Alone challenge with solo performance ratings that are based on their prior experiences. All together, these survivalists have spent almost 500 days stripped down in the wild.

“While each survivalist returns to the challenge for a different reason — some to avenge a past performance, others to honor loved ones — all share the same will to overcome their fear of failure, outlast this ultimate test of survival and prove they can do it all without help from anyone else,” the press release adds. “As they work through their respective journey finding the essentials for endurance, it quickly becomes evident the affects isolation has on an individual.”

McLaughlin made his Naked and Afraid debut in 2014, and returned for Naked and Afraid XL in 2015 (he also appeared during the 2017 episode “Brave New World”). According to his bio on Holistic Survival School, McLaughlin spent 21 and 40 days in the wild, respectively, and has since dedicated his life to mentoring others.

“With over 500 days on the trail, Luke has mentored hundreds of people in the wilderness and learned how Earth skills teach us vital life lessons,” the website adds. “Furthermore, Luke has witnessed first hand how nature connection helps bring about growth, health, and vitality to everyone’s life.”

Returning Contestants Will Compete In the ‘Alone’ Challenge

Golding appeared on the 2018 seasons of both Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL. He told California Sportsman that he wanted to go on the show to spread a positive message, rather than prove his survival skills. “I make it very clear that I didn’t go on that show to test my survival skills. I want everybody to know that’s not why I went on Naked and Afraid,” he said.

“I couldn’t give a sh*t about my survival skills,” Golding added. “I just had to do that to carry my message to humanity, which is consume as little as possible.” He has a YouTube channel where he films death-defying stunts. Check it out here.

Contestants Have a Combined 500 Days In the Wilderness

Jones starred in the 2017 season of Naked and Afraid before moving on to Naked and Afraid XL. She told People Magazine that she knew she could acclimate to the physical demands of the show, but she didn’t account for the isolation.

“I grew up without running water and electricity. I love the outdoors,” she revealed. “I knew that physically I could do this. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss my family. I missed my kids. Emotionally, it was harder.”

Djenohan competed on the latest seasons of Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL. He told the Seattle Times that he relished the experience to test his survival skills on television, and is eager to do it again.

“It’s like living in the moment, living in that flow where you don’t have to worry about rent and all these things that we get caught up with in the life we live,” he said. “When people say I can’t do something, then I go and do it. And [I did it] to prove it to myself.”

Naked and Afraid season 11 premieres Sunday on Discovery Channel at 10 p.m. ET.

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