Ozzy Osbourne Health Update 2020

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Today, Ozzy Osbourne is opening up to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts about his health battle over the past year.

During the interview, which will air on Tuesday, Ozzy refers to 2019 as the “worst, longest, most painful, miserable year of my life.”

Read on for details.

The Debilitating Fall

In February of last year, Ozzy suffered a fall at his home. During the interview with Roberts, he shares, “When I had the fall, it was pitch-black. I went to the bathroom and I fell… I just fell and landed like a slam on the floor, and I remember lying there thinking, ‘Well, you’ve done it now,’ really calm. Sharon [called] an ambulance. After that, it was all downhill.”

According to a November article in The Sun, Ozzy had tripped over a rug when the fall occurred.

Recalling the incident, Sharon told The Sun, “It was so quick and he was so sleepy that he didn’t instinctively put his hands out to break the fall… So he then hit his head again, on the corner of our bed, which has a metal frame.”

Sharon called an ambulance.

She tells The Sun that the first hospital told Ozzy he was “badly bruised,” but she knew the situation was worse than that.

“By that time it was 3am and they’ve got all the usual drunks in there, the car accidents, people everywhere. It was dreadful and they couldn’t give a damn.”

As soon as Ozzy returned home, the condition worsened. When they went to another hospital, they learned that the “metal bolts, used to reconstruct his collarbone after a serious quad-bike accident in 2003, had dislodged.” His spinal cord had also compressed.

“They fixed the collarbone straight away but his spinal cord was so inflamed they had to wait a week to do an operation,” Sharon told The Sun.

Ozzy was in surgery for five hours and was told it would take a year for him to recover.

Sharon said, “It’s terrifying when you see somebody you love so incapacitated. They can’t do a thing, and you’re so engulfed with fear that you can’t think clearly. So we didn’t do any research or ask the right questions.”

Ozzy remained in intensive care for six weeks. He then spent two months in the hospital, where he underwent daily physio so that he could learn to walk again. As of November, Ozzy was using CBD oil as a natural alternative for healing. He was also doing Pilates three times a week.

He Took the AMA Stage in November 2019

In November, Ozzy was well enough to take the AMA stage alongside Post Malone and Travis Scott. On an episode of The Talk, Sharon shared, “Oh, it was so good! The show — obviously it was the American Music Awards, so it’s all pop music and pretty little girls coming on one after the other with their little dances. And then suddenly this ugly lot of guys get up there and they nailed it!”

Today’s “GMA” segment will be released ahead of the premiere of the new A&E documentary, The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy is also beginning to promote his first solo-album since 2019, “Ordinary Man”, which will be released in February.

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