What Jimmy Kimmel Predicts for Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Ending

Jimmy Kimmel Predicts The Bachelor Winner with Pilot PeteJimmy and Tiffany Haddish interrogate 'The Bachelor' Peter Weber about who he chose, living with his parents, cutting his head open, growing up near the Bachelor mansion, and Jimmy predicts who will win his heart. #Rosetradamus Buy Jimmy’s new children’s book The Serious Goose! All of the money he makes goes to children’s hospitals across…2020-01-07T08:30:04.000Z

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again with his predictions for who the winner of this season of The Bachelor will be. Kimmel predicts the final three will be Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, and Kelley Flanagan. He thinks the final winner is going to be Hannah Ann Sluss.

Weber responded to Kimmel’s guess by saying, “We will see. Are you reading anything right now? Am I giving anything away?”

Read on for details.

Tiffany Haddish Thinks the Winner Will Be Madison Prewett

While Kimmel thinks Hannah Ann will walk away the winner, Tiffany Haddish (who also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live) is convinced it’s Madison. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Haddish said, “I think it’s number two because he was smiling really big,” Haddish said. “He turned a little red like he’s seen her naked.”

Kimmel has been on the nose in recent seasons. He correctly guessed Cassie Randolph as the winner of Colton’s season and Garrett Yrigoyen as the winner of Becca’s season. He also named Jet Wyatt as Hannah Brown’s final pick. So clearly Jimmy is either getting some inside info or he’s just extremely lucky when it comes to picking the winners. Either way, his predictions for Peter’s season are extremely telling.

It makes sense that Jimmy would choose those as his final three: after all, Peter kissed Hannah Ann multiple times on night one, and she received the first impression rose. Madison then went on the one-on-one to watch Peter’s parents renew their vows, and Kelley and Peter already have a history as they met before the show started filming.

Chris Harrison Promises the Ending Won’t Be Spoiled This Season

When we kicked off last week’s three-hour premiere, fans got a glimpse into how this season will end with a flash-forward to Peter at the final rose ceremony. In the clip, Chris Harrison walks up to Peter and says, “Before you do what you’re about to do, there’s something you should know.” He continues, “There’s something I just found out—all of us just found out…” Reality Steve predicts that this could have been an over-dramatization of something that does go down, but the cut to the clip of Peter’s mother Barbara crying, “Don’t let her go. Don’t. Let. Her go. Bring her home to us,” really has fans on the edge of their seats.

For the first time ever, Chris Harrison has said that the ending of this season won’t be spoiled. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Harrison shared, “It’s a wild, turbulent ending. You won’t predict how this comes to a conclusion. It’s not one of those endings where you go, ‘Oh, this is the one. And this is this great, crazy long love story and she’s always been the one since the beginning. And it’s so simple and beautiful.’ It’s a wild ride. It is a turbulent, wild, emotional, gut-wrenching ride right up until the very end.”

Reality Steve thinks this is because the ending hasn’t been decided. In other words, Weber may propose to his fiancee on After the Final Rose.

In his own interview with Entertainment Tonight, Weber said, “There’s a specific reason [it won’t be spoiled]. Obviously, I can’t say [what it is, but] I feel like this a little bit unique of an ending… I couldn’t have predicted that last week was the hardest week of my entire life.”

If you want to find out who Peter’s final two are, click here. To meet the 30 women vying for his heart, click here.

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