EXCLUSIVE: Why Peter Weber Doesn’t Have A Twitter Account

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After being thrust into the national spotlight on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, most contestants ramp up their social media channels the moment they get their phones back after filming. For the select dozens who are tapped as show’s leading man or woman, like Peter Weber, Instagram and Twitter have the power to take their celebrity to a whole new level.

In fact, men and women who’ve had successful appearances on the long-running dating reality experience such a meteoric rise in popularity, that it’s become a serious issue as to whether or not contestants join the series “for the right reasons.” Many people are caught going on the show merely looking to get their name in the spotlight. Their main goal is not to fall in love, but to boost their music careers. (Ahem, Jed Wyatt.)

Peter, however, a Delta airlines pilot, is not obsessed with social media. The 28-year-old is active on Instagram, but he has no Twitter account, which is surprising not only because it seems like producers would make it a pre-requisite in The Bachelor contract to help promote the series, but because reading the Twitter comments after the show airs is almost more entertaining than watching The Bachelor itself.

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I’m ready Are you?

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During an exclusive conversation with Peter at ABC’s Television Critic’s Association press tour at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California, Peter did not seem pressed to add another social media site into his life.

“No, I don’t have Twitter,” he said. “I’m old school. I’ve never really been a big social media person. I just do Instagram. I think that’s fun. That’s enough for me. But I don’t know. I will get one. It just doesn’t do it for me. Instagram is enough!”

As for whether or not he reads the comments section, “I’ve seen a little bit of stuff, I think for the most part it’s been good,” Peter said. “But people can jump to conclusions a little too soon. With everything that goes on though, I hope people don’t have too many pre-conceived notions this early on.”

Why Peter Doesn’t Follow Any Of His Contestants On Instagram

Fans of Bachelor Nation are not just dedicated viewers, they are incredible sleuths. Upon searching through Weber’s Instagram, where he’s garnered over 1.5 million followers, it appears that while all his suitresses follow him on the social media app, he does not follow back.

Peter told Heavy that one of the main reasons he’s abstained from following any of his contestants, even as they continue to post and tag him in photos, was to not tip anyone off. He doesn’t want people reading into who he follows and does not as clues for who he picks at the end.

“I definitely will be friends with a lot of them,” Peter said. “Obviously, [that includes] girls I don’t end up with because they were such a great group. But I won’t do that until it’s over.

Just for the record, Peter does follow host Chris Harrison, and most notably, Hannah Brown. In addition to being friends with many of his former fellow Bachelorette contestants, like Jed, Tyler Cameron, Dylan Barbour, etc., he’s Instagram friends with numerous Bachelor Nation members that he’s met throughout various events including Hannah G., Katie Morton, Ashley I., and Ben Higgins.

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