Picard’s Dog Is a Beautiful Rescue Pup: Learn About His Breed & More

Star Trek Picard dog

CBS Star Trek Picard dog

One of the most adorable parts of Star Trek: Picard is Picard’s loving dog, Number One. But what breed is Picard’s dog and who is the “dog actor”? Read on to learn all about Picard’s new dog.

Picard’s Dog Is a Rescue Pit Bull


A representative from CBS confirmed with Heavy that Picard‘s dog is a rescue pit bull.  Patrick Stewart fosters pit bulls, but Number One is not one of his fosters. However, CBS did confirm with Heavy that Stewart wanted a pit bull in the show.

Patrick Stewart talked with Esquire about the pit bull star, adding a few more details. He said,I’m passionate about these dogs, and they are abused and treated appallingly all over the world. I’m now campaigning in the UK for the laws to be changed and for them to be allowed into the country. So it’s terrific to have Dinero in the sequel, and I hope we see much more of him.”

Yes, this confirms that the dog’s real-life name is Dinero. How cute is that? (Some sources are saying the dog’s name is De Niro, but most are reporting the name spelled “Dinero.”)

Stewart talks about how he wanted Number One to be a pit bull in the video below, around the 4:10 mark.

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“A man alone with a dog, that sets up certain emotional dependencies I think,” he said in the interview above. “…However, I need one breed of dog, it must be a pit bull, and I want to try and find the most impressive looking pitbull that’s in Hollywood.

Stewart fosters pit bulls himself. He talked about his passion and love for the breed in the video above. Here’s what he said.

“Within 36 hours of fostering Ginger, who is now an international superstar on social media, we knew we had found the dog for life,” he said. “…Then we discovered we couldn’t take him to England because he’s a banned breed… Now, they’re not dangerous dogs, all pit bulls want to do is make their owners happy, please them… If that means fighting other dogs because it makes your master happy, yes, he’ll do it, because you’re pleasing the guy who looks after you… And there have been incidents, but there have been incidents with all breeds of dogs. … These are the sweetest, most empathic, most sensitive creatures that I’ve ever known.”

If all that isn’t sweet enough for you, here’s a video of some of the best moments with Patrick Stewart and pit bulls.

7 Best Patrick Stewart, Pitbull Foster Dog Moments | The DodoPatrick Stewart is in LOVE with his foster pit bull. Here are 7 of Sir Patrick Stewart's sweetest moments with the pup.🐶💕💕💕 Video by: Ellen Thomas To help Ginger's rescuers find homes for more dogs, you can support Wags & Walks: http://thedo.do/wags. Love animals? Watch more videos from The Dodo: https://www.thedodo.com/video/ Subscribe to The Dodo…2017-04-05T13:28:13Z

And here’s Stewart talking about his beloved Ginger.

This adorable video with Ginger must be watched.

In April he introduced the world to Emma, his new foster.

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