‘Star Trek: Picard’: Who Are the Two Romulans in Picard’s Home?


The first episode of Star Trek: Picard is absolutely phenomenal. But while you’re watching, you may find yourself asking a question. Just who are those two Romulans in Picard’s home?

This article will have spoilers for Star Trek: Picard Episode 1 and some minor spoilers about Enterprise. 

The Two Romulans Are Refugees Who Now Live at Chateau Picard

The two Romulans in Picard’s home are refugees who survived the supernova that destroyed Romulus. This was confirmed by the executive producers in a Television Critics Association press tour. You can read more about what the producers said in this press tour in Heavy’s story here.

The two Romulans have grown very close to Picard since then and seem to know him quite well. In fact, some fans saw them interacting and wondered if Picard and the female Romulan had a romantic relationship. But no, that is not the case. They are simply very close to Picard, as he provided them refuge after the sun went supernova.

It’s actually pretty sweet how this develops. We learn that Picard wanted to help the Romulans escape their planet when their sun went supernova, and he still believes in helping the refugees. If you think about Picard’s background (and the storyline of Nemesis), his heart for the Romulan refugees is amazing. Remember: it was because of Shinzon’s actions that Data died. The fact that Picard can look past that and still love and help the Romulans is just another testament to the kind of character he has.

This is the Picard we have always known and loved.

We don’t know too much about Picard’s assistants’ backgrounds, only that they are very close to him and live with him at Chateau Picard in France. They were refugees and their planet was destroyed. He appears to truly value their counsel and they’ve grown close over the years. Their friendship and wisdom are valuable to him.

Their Background Is Explore in the Picard Countdown Comics

Spoilers below for the Picard prequel comics and minor spoilers about the Romulan couple. 

Some fans have said that their background is explained in more detail in the “Picard -Countdown” prequel comics. Among the revelations is that the couple were Tal Shiar. (Tal Shiar is an intelligence agency from the Romulan Empire.)

In the comics, we meet Laris and Zhaban who are now living on Picard’s Chateau. They are refugees, speaking of how they owe Picard, as he risked everything for them, according to a review written by TrekCore. ScreenRant confirms that the two Romulans living with Picard are the ones featured in the comics.

The comics reveal that Zhaban and Laris, Tal Shiar members, fell in love. They disobeyed orders, but Picard rescued them.

By the way, if you thought the two assistants in Picard’s home were Vulcans, you’re not alone. Romulans and Vulcans do look a lot alike, since they were originally part of the same species. (There was some speculation that T’pol from Enterprise might have been half-Romulan, but because the show was canceled, we’ll never know if that was going to play out.)

Ancient Vulcans were very emotional and aggressive until Surak taught them logic. Some Vulcans disagreed with his teaching and left, eventually becoming Romulans who were separated and isolated from Vulcans for a long time. When the Romulans are first introduced in the original series, even Spock isn’t clear about their origin and guesses they’re an offshoot of the Vulcans. By TNG, the Romulans’ origin is pretty much accepted.

You can spot some physical differences between Vulcans and Romulans. Many Romulans have ridges above their eyes, for example, and Vulcans do not.

Hover, the two assistants in Picard’s home are definitely Romulan and not Vulcan, as confirmed by the executive producers.

Star Trek: Picard is promising an intriguing, in-depth storyline that we’ll be talking about for weeks to come. The first season will be 10 episodes long.

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