‘1000-LB Sisters’: What Does Tammy Slaton Look Like Now?

TLC Tammy Slaton on '1000-Lb Sisters'

TLC’s newest reality weight-loss docu-series, 1,000-Lb Sisters stars Amy and Tammy Slaton, where viewers can follow their journey as they try to drop enough weight in order to qualify for bariatric surgery. While Amy, 31, started filming the series at 406 pounds, Tammy, 32, clocked in at 605 pounds.

In episode 2, Tammy explained to weight loss specialist, Dr. Charles Procter, “I have a bad gallbladder, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, gout. A whole bucket list.” Both sisters struggled with diabetes and suffered from anxiety the stress of having to lose the weight Tammy can’t buckle herself in a car seat, or move around without a walker.

Tammy was so overweight before filming started, her forehead drooped with a fat socket. Amy explained that they went to numerous doctors thinking it might’ve been a dangerous growth of some sort, but it’s merely an overflow of excess weight, which clearly causes Tammy to be even more self-conscious about her appearance.

Tammy seemed like a lost cause, especially after only managing to lose 18 pounds over the course of the show, and not qualifying for the bariatric surgery like her sister, who was able to shed 31 pounds.

However, Tammy preemptively updated fans of the show on her weight-loss journey. On her Facebook page, Tammy posted a photo of her face that sends the message that she is not messing around with her goals on 1000-Lb Sisters. While she doesn’t share photos of her full body, the entire fat socket in her forehead is noticeably gone.

This is what Tammy looked like in September 2019:

Tammy Slaton weight loss in September 2019

In October 2019, Tammy offered up a new update on her weight-loss journey with the photo below. By strategically placing her new profile picture over her old one, it highlights just how much weight she’s lost thus far.

Tammy Slaton weight loss in October 2019

Here’s Tammy’s Facebook profile in December 2019.

Tammy’s weight loss in December 2019

In 2020, Tammy Looks Better Than Ever & Has A Boyfriend!

Tammy Slaton weight loss January 2020

While the photo is heavily filtered, you can tell Tammy’s progress has continued into 2020. On January 7, 2020, she updated her profile picture, and unlike before, it’s easy to her eyes, and she appears to like what she sees in the mirror, which is huge for her self-confidence.

On February 1, Tammy tweeted out a series of photos, which shows she’s been able to keep up her recent weight-loss.

Not only is Tammy looking better and more healthy each month, but she has also marked herself as “In A Relationship” on Facebook. While Tammy’s new profile picture is garnering attention from her male fans asking her out, she replied to one comment writing “Thank you, but I’ve got a boyfriend already.”

Tammy has not revealed his name, it could be Jerry as previously mentioned on the show, but fingers crossed that the couple met on camera before 1,000-Lb Sisters finished filming.

Tammy Once Tried To Commit Suicide

Tammy Slaton on ‘1000-Lb Sisters’

Over the past decade, she’s found herself in the hospital numerous times due to two blood clots, gout, bouts of pneumonia and other medical procedures. At one extremely low point, she was placed on life support.

Before filming started, Tammy admitted that aside from doctor’s visits, she hadn’t left the house in six years. Suffering from serious depression, “I attempted to killed myself last January,” she told People. “I had a feeling that if I didn’t make changes now, I wasn’t going to live past 35.”

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