How Long Were Taye Diggs & Idina Menzel Married?

Getty Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs in 2013

Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel were married from 2003 to 2014. Both celebrities have gone on to other high-profile relationships, but they have stayed close over the years and co-parented their son Walker Diggs.

Diggs, 49, and Menzel, 48, met during the original production of Rent in 1995. The former was cast as landlord Benjamin Coffin III, and the latter played female lead Maureen Johnson. Both actors earned critical acclaim for their performances, and were dating once their tenure on the show ended. According to E! News, Diggs and Menzel were married on January 11, 2003.

Diggs & Menzel Met During the Stage Production of ‘Rent’ & Were Married 11 Years

The couple said that things weren’t always easy for them, given their demanding schedules and busy careers. “We work at it,” Menzel told People in 2013. “I’m not going to glamorize it or glorify it – we go through tough times like everybody else, but we love each other very much. We try not to be away from each other for more than two weeks at a time, and we try to find new ways to communicate.”

Diggs told Redbook that fans came to idealize him and Menzel as a celebrity couple, and that the weight of their public image was an added strain on the marriage. “Maybe they thought it was cute that we met in Rent,” he suggested. “Then you have the whole mixed [race] thing. It was easy for people to root for us.”

Diggs & Menzel Divorced In 2014 & Split Parenting Costs for Their Son Walker

Despite their efforts, Diggs and Menzel separated in December 2013, followed by an official divorce filing in November 2014. According to TMZ, it was an amicable split, as both parties refused spousal support and agreed to split parenting costs for their son Walker.

Diggs and Menzel have continued to share parenting duties. The latter even dedicated a song to her son on her 2016 album Idina. The lyrics in the song “Perfect Story” serve as an apology to Walker for divorcing his father. “I have a lot of guilt about that,” she told the Telegraph. “I come from divorced parents and I said I wouldn’t ever do it.” The performer admitted that she was hard on herself after the split, but was focused on raising her son as best she could.

Diggs Said He & Menzel Still ‘Trust Each Other’ When It Comes to Parenting

Diggs talked about his current relationship with Menzel during an interview with Us Weekly. He said that whatever their differences as people may be, they are always on the same page when it comes to raising Walker. “We [trust] each other,” he explained. “We both love our son so much, that the best way to raise him is to provide him with whatever we can — healthy foods.”

“Growing up, even though my parents struggled, I did grow up fairly healthy. I’m convinced that by the way we grew up has a direct correlation to our immune systems,” Diggs continued. “Me and my four brothers and sisters never got sick and I attribute that to the way we grew up. We wanna do right by our kid.”

Menzel Remarried to ‘Rent’ Actor Aaron Lohr In 2017

Diggs and Menzel were seen together as recently as 2018, when OK! Magazine snapped photos of them attending their son’s basketball game in Los Angeles.

Despite their co-parenting lifestyle, both Diggs and Menzel have been involved with other celebrities since their divorce. The former dated model Amanza Smith Brown from 2014 to 2018, and USA Today reported that the latter married actor Aaron Lohr in September 2017.

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