‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Spoilers for Episode 2

ABC Peter Weber

The season premiere of Peter Weber‘s cycle of The Bachelor was jam-packed with drama, and after three hours of limo entrances, the first group date, 1-on-1, and rose ceremony, viewers were left with the ultimate cliffhanger, waiting to know what happened after Hannah Brown‘s meltdown.

As previewed, this season of The Bachelor is going to be extremely turbulent as Weber, a 28-year-old Delta Airlines pilot, natch, continues on his journey to find love. And there’s a ton of drama to sort through after the January 13 episode.

Peter has already narrowed down his women from 30 to 22, but viewers can expect multiple suitresses to go home during the next rose ceremony, a country-themed 1-on-1 date and a super competitive fashion show group date.

Here are the spoilers for The Bachelor Season 24, Episode 2:


Hannah Brown & Peter Weber Do Not Get Back Together

In conclusion, Hannah does not join as a contestant on The Bachelor, and despite impressively edited promos, the former couple does not rekindle their romance after filming ended.

Peter did have real feelings for Brown and they didn’t just disappear overnight, or a few months. However, he does not convince her to stay, and she does not offer up that option. It must be noted that while The Bachelor was filming, the former Bachelorette star was competing on ABC’s other popular reality series, Dancing With the Stars. So, even if the former Miss Alabama wanted to join his season, she couldn’t contractually.

Brown agreed to come on the series as a means of clearing the air with Weber and to lend him support. While the intense meltdown that took place was unexpected, it likely gave Weber and Brown more closure than returning a pair of wings could ever accomplish.

Sydney Hightower Get The Rose On The ‘Sexy Story’ Group Date

While the daytime portion of the second group gets canceled because Peter is too emotionally overwhelmed from seeing Brown again, things continue on as normal in the evening.

Sydney Hightower, 24, from Birmingham, Alabama, gets the rose after the “Sexy Story” group date. Hightower wrote in her show bio that she recently went through a tough break-up with her ex-boyfriend of two years and that she’s ready to find her future husband. Perhaps, Weber can be that man.

Champagne-Gate Between Hannah Ann & Kelsey Takes Center Stage

Hannah Ann Sluss

There’s always at least one storyline that seems completely contrived by producers and that dishonor goes to the situation which is being dubbed “Champagne-gate.” So, Kelsey, 28, a professional clothier from Des Moines, Iowa, brought a special bottle of champagne to open up with Peter, however, production “somehow” gives the bottle to Hannah Ann, 23, who won the First Impression Rose.

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Kelsey then sees Hannah Ann and Peter drinking her champagne and freaks out. This will be the first real girl-on-girl drama in the house, but it’s so silly and forced that it’s hard to take this “fight” seriously.

Three More Women Are Sent Home During the Rose Ceremony

Unfortunately, it’s the end of the road for multiple women at the end of Monday’s episode. Peter whittles down his group of contestants from 22 to 19. The women who pack up after tonight’s rose ceremony: Lauren Jones, Courtney Perry, and Payton Moran.

Victoria P. Gets The 1-on-1 Date

Peter gets special alone time Victoria Paul, 27, who currently serves as Miss Louisiana USA. During the three-hour premiere, this was the woman that was terrified of doing the Fly Camp activity because she had PTSD from getting nauseous on a tea-cups ride as a child. However, Peter asks if she’s okay and gives her an impromptu bouquet of flowers afterward.

According to Reality Steve, they have a country-themed date at The Canyon Club in Agora Hills, California. They learn to line and expect at least one of them to try and ride the mechanical bull.

Hannah Ann Wins the Fashion Show, But Victoria F. Gets The Rose During The Runway Group Date

Hannah Ann and Victoria F.

Peter takes eight lucky women to the Revolve Fashion show, where they asked to walk the runway. Those selected for this date: Alexa Caves, Hannah Ann Sluss, Lexi Buchanan, Kelsey Weier, Mykenna Dorn, Deandra Kanu, Natasha Parker, and Victoria Fuller.

Hannah Ann Sluss

Guest-starring during this portion of the show is Carson Kressley and Janice Dickinson to help judge the models as the contestants are asked to do two looks, a day and a night outfit. While Hannah Ann boldly steps out wearing a wedding gown and wins the competition, Victoria F. gets the rose from Peter after walking the runway in sexy lingerie for her evening look.

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