‘The Outsider’ Schedule: When Are the Next Episodes? [Dates & Titles]

The Outsider


If you’re fascinated by the new HBO series The Outsider, based on Stephen King’s novel that just was released in May 2018, then you’ll no doubt be wondering how long you have to wait until you get to see Episode 3 and the rest of the season. Here’s a look at the schedule.

Episode 3 Airs on January 19 & New Episodes Air Weekly

The Outsider is a limited series where new episodes air every Sunday night until the finale. So far HBO has only posted the titles for seven episodes, but according to Deadline, the series will be 10 episodes long.

The first episode is called “Fish in a Barrel.” The synopsis for Episode 1 reads: “Series premiere. When the body of an 11-year-old boy is found in the Georgia woods, detective Ralph Anderson launches an investigation into the gruesome murder. With eyewitnesses and physical evidence pointing to local teacher and baseball coach Terry Maitland, Ralph makes a very public arrest but is perplexed by Terry’s seeming indifference to hiding his crime. After Terry’s wife Glory calls their attorney Howie Salomon for assistance, a bewildered Terry produces an ironclad alibi during interrogation. Meanwhile, Howie calls in his PI Alec Pelley to look into Terry’s side of the story.”

The second episode is called “Roanoke” and it will air on Sunday, January 26 at 9 p.m. Eastern. The description reads: “During a surreptitious late-night visit with Terry, Ralph admits to being baffled by conflicting physical evidence. The next day, an unexpected tragedy throws the investigation into a tailspin, and ornery detective Jack Hoskins is forced to cut his hunting trip short to return to work and pick up the slack. Meanwhile, Glory tries to soothe her daughter Jessa, who says she’s been visited by a strange man in her room at night.”

Note: There might be minor spoilers below found in the episode titles for the rest of the series. HBO hasn’t yet released descriptions for any episodes past the first two.

Episode 3 will air next Sunday on January 19, according to HBO’s schedule. It will air at 9 p.m. Eastern. This episode is called “Dark Uncle.”

The fourth episode will air on Sunday, January 26 at 9 p.m. Eastern. This one is called “Que Viene el Coco.” This translates to mean, more generally, “The Bogeyman’s Coming!” In folklore, Coco is a ghost-monster who is essentially the equivalent to the bogeyman. It’s also a figure of speech that may refer to an irrational fear. Wikipedia notes that in some countries like Spain, parents may refer to Coco as a way of discouraging their kids from misbehaving, like “If you don’t behave, Coco may get you.”

The fifth episode will air on February 2 at 9 p.m. Eastern. This episode is called “Tear-Drinker.”

The sixth episode will air on February 9 at 9 p.m. Eastern. This episode is called “The One About the Yiddish Vampire.”

The seventh episode will air on February 16 at 9 p.m. Eastern. This one is called “In the Pines, In the Pines.”

There will be 10 episodes total, but only seven are listed on the schedule so far.

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