Theresa’s Restaurant in Florida Is Featured on ‘Restaurant: Impossible’

Edgar's Restaurant Update

Getty Chef Robert Irvine onstage during a culinary demonstration.

Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible headed back to Bradenton, Florida for an update on Theresa’s Restaurant in a “Restaurant Revisited” episode. The restaurant was first featured on the show four years ago in an ambush episode of the Restaurant: Impossible series.

The first time Chef Robert Irvine and the team surprised Jodi Boucher, owner of Theresa’s Restaurant in Bradenton, Florida, they found a restaurant filled with drab decorations and micromanagement. Irvine had to help Boucher get away from those ways in order to save the restaurant.

Theresa’s Restaurant features breakfast, brunch and lunch. Boucher has been running the restaurant for the last ten years. She prides herself on putting the customer first, and the website says Irvine and his team gave the restaurant a “face lift,” saying they did a great job and gave the staff a new outlook on the future.

Theresa’s Restaurant will be featured on the “An Owner Losing Control” episode of Restaurant: Impossible. The episode will air January 9, 2020 at 8 p.m. ET on Food Network.

Sales Have More Than Doubled Since the First Visit

In a follow-up with Food Network, the owner said the original visit was good for business, noting that sales have been up since the first time they appeared on the show. Boucher also says she learned to delegate more to employees since Irvine’s visit, which allowed her to become a better boss overall.

“Weekday sales have doubled and weekend sales have tripled,” said Boucher. “This has been amazing for business. The customers are absolutely shocked at the transformation. The fresh new look has everyone in town talking about us. Very modern but not too much.”

Boucher also told Food Network that the entire process reignited her passion for the restaurant business and allowed her a chance to recharge and renew her passion. “The entire experience has been the biggest blessing of my life,” Boucher said.

Reviews for the Restaurant Are Positive

Reviews for Theresa’s Restaurant are generally positive; there are 82 reviews on Yelp with an average of a 4-star rating. In a review from January 8, 2020, user Jesse M. wrote about the owner’s attitude and personality.

“Theresa has by far the best personality to own a restaurant,” the review reads. “Upbeat, energetic, and personable. She gets to know her guests, is efficient and is so funny to be around! We came on vacation and went back again because we enjoyed it so much. The food was delicious!”

Other recent reviews call the food “bland,” but often compliment the atmosphere and staff. User Hamilton B. wrote they could make better food at home.

“My wife and I ordered the same thing and it was very bland,” the 3-star review reads. “I hate to say this but I felt like I wasted money after going here. I could have spent the same amount for a nice dinner. While the food may have been less memorable, the owner is awesome. She has a great personality, anyone who says otherwise is probably misunderstanding her.”

Theresa’s has earned 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews out of 377 reviews. There are 106 reviews for the restaurant on Trip Advisor with an average of 4 stars.

The update episode airs Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 8 p.m. ET on Food Network.

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