‘1000-LB Sisters’ Season 2: Will Amy & Tammy Slaton Return to TLC?

Instagram/Facebook Amy Slaton Halterman (L) and Tammy Slaton

The finale episode of TLC’s 1000-Lb Sisters is not a fairy tale ending for Tammy and Amy Slaton, but it does end on a very positive note. Amy, 31, qualified for bariatric surgery after losing 31 pounds from her original weight of 406 pounds. After recovering post-op, she looks better than ever.

Tammy, 32, who started her journey on the show at 605 pounds, only shed 18 pounds and didn’t qualify for surgery. However, Dr. Procter made it clear to Tammy that he wasn’t going to give up on her as a patient, which seemed like a promise to viewers at home that 1,000-Lb Sisters would be getting a second season. Fans wanted to see the day Tammy finally reached her weight loss goal to receive bariatric surgery.

While the set-up seemed perfect, TLC has not made any official announcements in regards to renewing 1,000-Lb Sisters. Tammy, however, took to Twitter to refute the rumors swirling online that the Slaton sisters would be filming another season. After a fan asked the reality TV star if there’d be a Season 2, Tammy tweeted, “No, sorry. We’re not doing another season.”

This news comes as a huge bummer since fans are still cheering on Tammy and Amy to reach and maintain a healthier weight. Aside from struggling with diet and exercise, viewers easily related to their complicated sisterly relationship. Even though they are best friends, a 200-pound weight difference, and both living in the same home with Amy’s husband Michael Halterman, caused constant friction between the sisters.

“I feel like she’s kind of upset with me about it,” Amy revealed, after telling Tammy she’d move forward with the surgery despite Tammy missing out. “Most of the time I feel like I’m walking on eggshells around Tammy. You never know what’s going to set her off and after this appointment with Dr. Procter, she’s a ticking time bomb.”

In the finale episode, Amy keeps pushing Tammy to work harder on her diet and exercise plan, but Tammy once again gets defensive. “I try to,” Tammy argues. “I keep asking to leave the house and go out and nobody will take me anywhere.”

Amy’s tired of being blamed for Tammy’s inability to lose weight. “I think Tammy is trying to find a [scape] goat,” Amy says. “If she’s going to be successful in this, she’s gonna have to learn to take [the] blame for herself and quit pawning it off on me.”

However, after Amy’s surgery, instead of being mean and jealous, Tammy is whole-heartedly supportive of her sister. Tammy says, “My sister is my everything. She’s been there for me whenever I need her, whenever I don’t need her. But, Amy needs me right now. So, I’m going to help her as much as possible. Whatever she needs, I got her back.”

How Are Amy & Tammy Doing Now?

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Me in 2019 vs me in 2020

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Once the camera stops rolling, it’s common for many reality TV stars to revert back to old habits. However, Amy and Tammy Slaton are still going strong with their diet and exercise plans. In addition to sharing a before-and-after photo from 2019 to 2020 on Instagram, Amy proudly shared a picture of her healthy breakfast three days before the finale episode aired.

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Breakfast of champions

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“I can go to the store and not worry about my looks because I feel good about myself regardless of what other people say about me,” Amy revealed to People before the show premiered on January 1. “I’m beautiful the way I am.”

As for Tammy, even though she didn’t get the surgery, has made huge strides in her weight loss journey, and can now move around without her walker. “I don’t feel like I have to wear a mask or hide my body when I leave the house anymore. I’m not afraid to let people see me,” Tammy said.

Tammy says the experience helped her set more ambitious goals for 2020. She’s found love with her new boyfriend and the couple is planning to move in together soon. As for Tammy’s professional life, in addition to her YouTube video blogs, she is hoping to find a full-time job.

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