‘Altered Carbon’ Season 2: What Happened to Poe’s Elizabeth (‘Lizzie’)?

Altered Carbon's Lizzie


One of the central themes of Altered Carbon Season 2 is the AI Poe’s desire not to forget Elizabeth (aka Lizzie). We see her a lot and he seems very attached to her. But it’s been nearly two years since Season 1 aired on Netflix, so you might have forgotten the role she played on the show. Here’s a quick refresher.

This article will have major spoilers for Season 1, along with minor spoilers from the beginning of Season 2 about Poe and Lizzie. 

Poe Doesn’t Want To Forget Lizzie


From the beginning of Season 2, Poe is resisting rebooting himself to fix his glitches because he doesn’t want to “die” and forget the memories most important to him, including Lizzie. He keeps replaying one recording of Lizzie over and over, not wanting to forget her.

In Episode 4 of Season 2, Poe explains that he only has that “thank you” holo-recording Lizzie left for him just before he and Kovacs cast off from Bay City. He doesn’t want to forget the feelings and memories he has of Lizzie and her final goodbye, but he’ll lose all of that if he reboots. They don’t address what happened with Lizzie or where she is now in that scene from Episode 4. We do know that Season 2 is taking place about 30 years after Season 1 ended.

Interestingly, in an interview with EW about how Season 1 ended, showrunner Laeta Kalogridis said about Lizzie in 2018: “He (Poe) wants to be human, but part of humanity is a level of imperfection that Poe doesn’t possess. That’s interesting to me. What we’re going to do with that, I don’t know. But I will say Poe has lost Lizzie (Haley Law) forever. There’s no ever-after for those two.”

Lizzie Was Alive When Season 1 Ended

When Season 1 ended, Lizzie was alive thanks to Poe’s extensive therapy, helping her overcome virtual reality torture.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Elliot is the daughter of Vernon and Ava Elliott. Vernon was a suspect in Laurens Bancroft’s murder in Season 1 because he sent a threatening message to Bancroft. Takeshi Kovacs offered to help Vernon if Vernon, in exchange, helped Takeshi investigate Bancroft’s murder.

Lizzie’s mom, Ava, was a hacker who was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Takeshi requested her help in an investigation, and she was brought back cross-sleeved into a man’s sleeve. She was later taken hostage and saved by Lizzie. In the end, Ava was given a UN pardon and given her original sleeve.

Ave and Vernon’s daughter, Lizzie, was trapped in a virtual world at the beginning of Season 1. She was a prostitute and Laurens Bancroft was her frequent customer until he got her pregnant. When Laurens’ wife Miriam found out, she beat Lizzie and caused her to lose her child. Lizzie was put through VR torture until she went so insane that she couldn’t tell people what Miriam did. She ended up stuck in a trauma loop that she couldn’t escape.

Poe gave Lizzie lessons to try to help her leave virtual reality. He provided her with combat training and therapy until she was confident enough to transfer out of virtual reality. He even created a time dilation in the VR that allowed her to spend more time in therapy and training than was actually passing by in real life.

When Ava, Lizzie’s mom, was kidnapped, Poe uploaded Lizzie to the Head in the Clouds before he was destroyed, so she could live on. Lizzie transferred her consciousness to a synthetic body, rescuing her parents and escaping.

In the end, Lizzie and her family were able to have a normal life again. Lizzie chose to stay in her synthetic body, a shape-shifting sleeve that lets her take whatever form she wants. She chose her own body, which was a strong demonstration of the level of healing she’s experienced, even though her personality has changed quite a bit from everything she’s gone through.

Hayley Law Portrays Lizzie Elliott

If Lizzie Elliott looks familiar to you, it’s because the actor who portrays her — Hayley Law — was a main character on Riverdale, where she played Valerie Brown for 15 episodes. She’s also appeared on Stickman, The Arrangement, The New Romantic, and more.

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