‘American Idol’ Season 18 Spoilers for the 2020 Auditions Episode 2

American Idol Episode 2

ABC / Eric McCandless Sarah Isen performs for the judges in episode two of American Idol Season 18.

The second episode of auditions for the 2020 season of American Idol airs tonight, February 23 at 8 p.m. on ABC. While it is only the second episode of auditions, it promises more drama and possibly more talent than the premiere offered.

Read on for spoilers for episode 2 of American Idol Season 18.

The episode will feature at least 13 auditions during the two-hour airtime. During that time, more than just auditions will take place as the season begins to heat up.

A contestant will sing about her love for sardines, the entire cheerleading squad from the Philadelphia Eagles will show up and firefighters will sing with the judges after avoiding an emergency situation.

Here are the details for what will go down this week:

Katy Perry Collapses After a Gas Leak

In tonight’s episode, the judges will point out that there is some type of gas leak in the building auditions are being held in, and they will have to be evacuated from the building.

All three judges leave the building, and Lionel Richie is seen saying “Wow, you can smell it, right? Holy crap!” before Perry says she doesn’t feel too well and then falls to the ground.

It’s not clear how much of the airtime the gas leak will take up, but luckily, Perry is okay and was able to be there for auditions in the rest of the cities. It’s also not clear if they continued filming auditions that same day.

Perry will have a few more on-screen memorable moments this episode, though. She can be seen falling over while rollerblading with Luke Bryan in one of the trailers, and photos from the episode show her comforting a crying contestant.

Which Contestants Get Golden Tickets?

While we don’t know for sure which contestants get golden tickets to Hollywood, here is a list of contestants performing in this episode that we know make it through based on a list of contestants later on in the season.

Julia Gargano
Jovin Webb
Jonny West
Cyniah Elise
Margie Mays

One contestant who will shock the judges whether or not she makes it through is Eliza Catastrophe. During her audition, she chose to sing an original song about her love for sardines. The song has made its rounds on YouTube already after being turned into a sing-along video on the American Idol YouTube channel.

Another memorable moment from the second episode of the season may be Luke Bryan playing a fun song on the piano while watching Richie be photographed in a funky outfit.

“I’m probably not playing it right,” Bryan says to Richie, prompting Richie to sit down and teach him how to play the song.

Season 18 kicked off on Feb 16, 2020 with a two-hour premiere episode showcasing plenty of talent. After Hollywood week, the top 40 contestants competed in the showcase round, which was filmed in January. After that, the number of contestants went down from 40 to 20.

After that, the top 20 contestants will compete in solo performances alongside celebrity guest stars; this is when the live voting will begin for the season, and that will likely happen in April.

It’s likely that the finale for this season will take place sometime in late May, though no official date has been announced yet.

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