WATCH: Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl 2020 Ad

The Avocados from Mexico Shopping Network | Avocados From Mexico 2020 Ad | :60Healthy, delicious, always in season- it may seem like Avocados From Mexico have it all. But they don’t have a luxury yurt. Or a Tortilla Chip Floatie. Luckily, Molly Ringwald and the Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network has everything you need to give your avocado everything it deserves. You know they’re worth it #AvoNetwork #SB54…2020-01-27T11:00:06.000Z

Avocados from Mexico’s 2020 Super Bowl ad features Molly Ringwald in an infomercial spoof to show that avocados are always worth it. The ad is titled “The Avocados from Mexico Shopping Network” and is thirty seconds long.

In a statement, Alvaro Luque, President of Avocados From Mexico, shared, “This year’s ad really brings to life how much people value Avocados From Mexico in a way that is entertaining to fans everywhere… The Big Game is one of the greatest avocado consumption days of the year and Avocados From Mexico are always worth having at a Big Game party. We hope fans enjoy some guacamole and chips while watching our Big Game ad.”

And people certainly do value Avocados from Mexico. Perishable News cites a recent poll that found that “nearly half (48 percent) of Americans have judged a Big Game party host for not having guacamole.”

Ringwald Shows off Ultimate Gifts to Pamper Your Favorite Avocados

In the commercial, Ringwald shows off a car seat for avocados, a tracksuit for avocados, and chip floaties for avocados– all meant to help you treat your avocados with the best of care.

In a recent statement obtained by Perishable News, Ringwald said, “I am excited to be part of Avocados From Mexico’s Big Game ad this year which shows just how truly precious avocados are to people… I’ve had so many incredible opportunities and successes throughout my career but being in a Big Game ad with Avocados From Mexico is just a whole other level of excitement. I hope people love this funny, entertaining ad as much as I’ve loved filming it.”

This year, Avocados from Mexico partnered with the Chicago-based advertising firm, BBDO, to create their spot. In the past, BBDO has worked on campaigns for Alka-Seltzer, Windex, Orbit, Ziploc, Drano, and Ocean Spray, among others.


In early January, Avocados from Mexico launched #AvoNetwork to support its commercial. According to Perishable News, they received 224MM social media impressions in the first two days.

If you want to be part of the fun, you can go to Twitter and retweet the Avocados from Mexico’s campaign tweets, using the hashtag #AvoNetwork. Doing so will give you a chance at winning a $2,745 tiara. You can also create your own digital wallet through the AFM Big Game website to have a chance at winning over $30,000 worth of prizes. To learn more, click here.

Avocados from Mexico’s website offers avocado nutrition, recipes, and tips and tricks to unearthing the best of the avocado. The website reveals that the avocado is a nutrient-dense food that is a “fruit unlike any other.” Avocados are considered a super-food, and it’s no surprise why– they contain nearly twenty healthy vitamins and minerals. They also provide a good amount of Vitamin K and fiber (Vitamin K is needed to keep the body healthy and is important for blood clotting.)

Be sure to tune in to the Big Game on Fox, starting at 3:30pm PT, 6:30pm ET, to learn more about Avocados from Mexico with the company’s 2020 Super Bowl ad.

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