‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Episode 5 Recap: Who Gets Eliminated Tonight?

Bachelor Peter Weber and Alayah Benavidez


There are two Bachelor episodes airing this week and the first one is super-sized, which means we are in for five glorious, tearful, crazy hours of Peter Weber and the ladies vying for his heart. The episode description definitely makes it sound like it’s double your drama, double your fun this week, so follow along here with our live with recap to find out who goes home, who can’t stop crying and who tries to sneak her way into Peter’s suite once the show jets off to Costa Rica. That’s right — one bachelorette is just gonna go for it with Peter, but will it have the desired effect of nabbing her a rose? Or will it leave Peter cold?

The first of two episodes airs from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Monday, February 3, so join us here for all the drama and antics, but be warned of spoilers.

All times Eastern.

8:05 — We pick back up where we left off, with Peter not knowing what to do about Alayah and Victoria P. making him question everything. Alayah already has a rose, remember, but that doesn’t mean Peter can’t still send her home.

8:10 — Twist! That’s exactly what happens! Peter can really deal with this drama, so he sends Alayah home. To her credit, she’s pretty cool with it. The other ladies are way more shocked than she is.

8:18 To his credit, Peter pulls Natasha aside to apologize since she would have probably gotten the group date rose that went to Alayah. She graciously accepts his apology.

8:30 — Rose ceremony time. Roses go to Madison, Kelsey, Sydney, Natasha, Lexi, Hannah Ann, Victoria P, Victoria F, Mykenna, Shiann, and Tammy, to which means Kiarra, Savannah, and Deandra are heading home.

8:42 — They jet off to Costa Rica and it is here that Peter informs the ladies that he was in a golf cart accident and got 22 stitches in his forehead. Let me tell you, I’ve seen Peter in person since he got his stitches and the scar just makes him more handsome.

8:50 — Sydney gets the first solo date. She and Peter take a beautiful helicopter ride over the amazing scenery, then have a picnic where they talk about their respective heritages. Then they make out because of course they do.

8:55 — Later they talk about how Sydney’s dad wasn’t in her life growing up. She’s seen him like five times her entire life. Yikes. That’s almost worse than him being gone completely because it there’s probably a lot of false hope and stuff like that. Sydney also says she was tormented growing up in Alabama because she’s mixed race, so she was called “Oreo” and other awful things. Ugh, that is so gross.

9:00 — After their lovely dinner, Peter and Sydney get some alone time in a really fancy hot tub with a waterfall, so get with the makin’ out on a stone slab, which has got to be uncomfortable for Sydney, but it certainly looks great in the camera shot.

9:05 — Kelsey is not having an easy time with the idea that Peter is dating other people, so she cries about it to Tammy. Kelsey has a particular problem with Sydney. She at first insists, “I like Sydney, she’s cool” and then like two seconds later she says, “But she’s a dramatic b*tch.” Whoa. Tammy is pretty shocked at how all over the place Kelsey is. It sort of seems like Kelsey drinks too much and then gets super emotional. She’s a crying drunk.

9:15 — The group date is for Shiann, Kelsey, Victoria F., Madison, Natasha, Victoria P., Lexi, Hannah Ann, Tammy, and Mykenna. It involves a swimsuit photoshoot for Cosmopolitan, which is an awesome date, but it also draws out some major competitiveness from the ladies because the winner gets to actually be on the cover of Cosmo with Peter. That is kind of a bananas prize.

9:18 — The girls pose in pairs or groups and Madison and Shiann look absolutely smokin’ together. But it’s Victoria F. who steals the show by making out with Peter during their trio scene.  And then Madison does it. Kelsey is freaking out about it, she can’t deal with sharing someone. Um, also, the photo of Tammy pulling a face while Madison sucks face with Peter was AMAZING. Tammy for next Bachelorette, y’all.

9:20 — Victoria F. wins the photo prize and honestly…. what?! Are you kidding?! She’s pretty and stuff, but I thought there were girls who took better pictures. At least from what we could see. Maybe we didn’t get to see enough of the shots.

9:25 — That night, Kelsey talks to Peter about how she’s falling in love with him, but it’s so hard for her to see him with the other ladies. He assures her that he feels strongly for her and they make out. See, here she’s not a basketcase. It really does seem like Kelsey is fine most of the time, but if she drinks too much, she gets weepy. Been there, sister. We all know someone (or are that person) who is like that.

9:27 — Meanwhile, Victoria F. informs Tammy that Kelsey said to her that she (Kelsey) is the realest b*tch here and everyone else is all fake. Tammy can’t believe Kelsey would turn on her after she was the person comforting her during her latest drunken crying jag, so she decides Peter needs to know what’s up. She promptly tells him what is going on with Kelsey, including that Kelsey drinks excessively. Wow. I mean, I don’t disagree, but that is quite the thing to tell Peter. 

9:30 — You guys, there’s still 90 minutes left.

9:40 — Peter asks Kelsey about what Tammy called an “emotional breakdown,” without naming names and Kelsey is quite offended at this, insisting she’s fine. But then she tearfully confronts the other ladies and they all pretty much are like, “Girl, can you even see yourself? It was a lot.” Then Kelsey says she’s the only being true and honest, and everyone else is like, “Just ’cause we don’t cry all day long doesn’t mean we aren’t true and honest.”

9:43 — Hannah Ann gets the group date rose, which… huh? She’s barely even been there on this date. Also, Kelsey has now vowed that is “going to get to the bottom” of who ratted her out about being an emotional mess.

9:50 — Luckily, Peter and Kelley get to leave the drama behind and go on a wellness date. They get to do a cleansing ritual, light candles, meditate, light some candles. I’m super jealous, that looks awesome.

10:00 — Only an hour to go, guys! Also, Detective Kelsey is on the case about who thinks she has a drinking problem. She immediately goes after Tammy because Kelsey’s not stupid, and Tammy acts like she did it out of concern for Kelsey’s well-being, which…. OK, that’s quite enough. We all know that’s not true. Kelsey starts crying again as Tammy describes her behavior as “drinking yourself away.” Hahaha.

10:10 — Meanwhile, back on the date, Kelley wants to be in a power couple and have someone who challenges her. Hmmm. She’d be an interesting bachelorette. Peter looks a little bumfuzzled at that. It doesn’t feel he’d be the most “challenging” partner — challenging in a good way, not difficult. But they seem to have had a good time and Kelley gets a rose.

10:20 — Kelsey goes to talk to Peter about the rumors Tammy is spreading and she says first it was drinking too much and then it was popping pills. Um, wait. Did that really happen? I’m honestly asking, I have had the Iowa Caucus results cut into the show a couple times and I’ve missed a few minutes here and there, did that really happen? That feels like Kelsey is exaggerating, but if that’s true, that is NOT cool, Tammy.

ETA: Twitter informs that Tammy didn’t say anything about pills, at least not that we saw on camera.

10:25 — Peter decides he’s so sure about Kelsey that he gives her a rose on the spot. DO you suppose there’s a production assistant just off camera at ALL TIMES with a holster full of long-stemmed roses? That would be hilarious. What is also hilarious is the reaction of the women when Kelsey comes sauntering up with a rose in her hand. It’s not hilarious for them, but it’s hilarious for us. HA.

10:33 — What is also not hilarious for the ladies is that Chris Harrison appears to tell them that there is no cocktail party tonight, they’re just going to head straight into the rose ceremony. Before they do that, Tammy wants to know what Kelsey said to Peter during her little visit with him. Kelsey straight-up lies by saying, “I did bring up the whole drinking thing … that’s the only thing.” Um, what about the pills thing?

10:34 — What in the HELL is going on with Mykenna’s tongue, you guys? Put that thing away, girl.

10:40 — There is yet another commercial. They are reallllllly dragging this out, you guys. It’s like they had 2.5 hours of content and stretched it out over 3 hours. But anyway, Tammy wants to know what Kelsey said about her and Kelsey says she told Peter that Tammy said that she (Kelsey) has a drinking problem and pops pills. Tammy denies the pills thing and other girls say that Tammy said that. Tammy says the distinction is that she brought it up to other girls and not Peter, and she also says she was just repeating what Victoria P. said and oh my god, I think I have a nose bleed from this entire conversation. My head hurts. All these women suck, just throw them all overboard.

10:43 — This turns into a shouting match between Tammy and Sydney, while somehow Madison and Hannah Ann are off by themselves. Maybe they keep the two biggest frontrunners away from everyone else sometimes? Protect their image? But also, Mykenna can’t stop doing weird tongue things and then she starts bawling.

10:45 — Also, it’s really unfortunate we don’t have footage of any pill-popping conversations because it’s really tough to judge this with no receipts.

10:50 — We’re just about to get a rose ceremony when Tammy wants to get to say her two cents to Peter before she gets sent home. This causes Mykenna to start crying in the rose ceremony room while Tammy tries to defend herself to Peter. Mykenna can’t stand that this is happening and she didn’t get in on it, so she goes to steal Peter. This season is tapdancing on my last nerve, you guys. This isn’t fun drama, this is exhausting.

10:55 — Finally we get some roses. Kelley, Kelsey, and Hannah Ann already had roses, then the others go to Victoria F, Madison, Natasha, Victoria P, Mykenna, and Tammy. So that’s Shiann and Lexi going home. Lexi looks particularly devastated. YOu know, I have a theory about girls who are eliminated right around midseason. I think the crying is legit, but I don’t think it’s about the man. At this point, Lexi and Shiann have barely spent any time with Peter. But they’ve spent HOURS and HOURS with the other girls and I think it’s like being sent home early from camp. They’re bummed they have to say goodbye to their new friends.

10:58 — On her way out, Shiann informs Peter that for some of the girls here, what they’re saying to his face and what they’re like behind his back are two different things. Nice. BURN IT ALL TO THE GROUND ON YOUR WAY OUT. Respect, Shiann.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, with a special episode airing this Wednesday, February 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC as well.

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