‘Below Deck’ Season 7 Reunion

below deck reunion

YouTube Ashton Pienaar on Below Deck.

Below Deck season 7 reunion was Monday, February 10 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Bravo.

The entire cast came together in a studio sit down to dissect the personal drama that took place throughout season 7 on the Below Deck reunion.

People discussed Twitter attacks and their dysfunctional relationships that developed aboard the motor yacht Valor during season 7. The cast was dressed yacht-formal, with plenty of sequined dresses and chinos, anger and accents.

The main question from the entire cast was “Why?” No one that was present throughout the entire season seemed to understand why everyone was so hostile toward each other.

Here’s what happened on the Below Deck Season 7 Reunion:

The Below Deck Reunion Is Intense

The reunion played to each cast member’s weaknesses and insecurities by asking viewer questions to recap the entire season. Rhylee told off Brian about texting his breakup with Courtney and then the group dogpiled onto Brian. Abbie was silent as she looked off camera.

Brian told Courtney, “every time you were crying you broke my heart.” Courtney told him that when she cried, he “looked at her with disdain.” Everyone who sent in questions regarding their relationship agreed that Brian was controlling.

Kate Chastain, Captain Lee Rosbach, Ashton Pienaar, Rhylee Gerber, Kevin Dobson, Simone Mashile, Brian de Saint Pern, Tanner Sterback, and Abbi Murphy reunites to talk about the season with reunion host, Andy Cohen. Captain Lee finally got the chance to tell off Kevin before Cohen asked if Brian was aware that he was controlling and manipulative.

Brian replied that he was “angry because she was agreeing with the wrong person.”

Then, a viewer asked if Rhylee was able to steal Brian from Courtney. Rhylee kind of didn;t commit but said she thought he was “hot.”

Another viewer asked Abbie if she was enjoying her newlywed status with with a yacht captain. She said she was enjoying it more than she enjoyed being on the show and liked living in Greece.

Rhylee told off Tanner about sleeping with everyone. She recounted when his mother was aboard the Valor and said his mother was an idiot. She called Tanner “disgusting.” Tanner seemed un-phased.

Another viewer asked Kate why she didn’t think she broke the girl code when she hooked up with Simone’s love interest. Kate replied that Simone actually broke the girl code one time when she was serving. She recounted a time when Simone was working and did something Kate didn’t like. Kate didn’t realize they were talking about things of a sexual nature. Then Kate said she didn’t have loyalty toward Simone because Simone didn’t have loyalty toward her. Everyone looked at Kate and said nothing. Kate said, “all I did was flirt.” No one seemed surprised.

What Did The Crew Wear to the Below Deck Reunion?

In the trailer “Reunion Looks Revealed,” the crew and Captain Lee talk about their outfits. Captain Lee says his getup will be “pretty basic.” A blazer with jeans and monogrammed french cuffs. Kate is wearing a long, sequined copper gown that she remarks should be her uniform. She’s going for glamour and she definitely wants to be looked at by everyone on the ship.

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Rhylee is wearing a gold sequined wrap dress that is not quite as gold as Kate’s. It looks almost silver. She says, she “want[s] to wow, but also to feel comfortable.” Ashton is wearing an inky blue suit gifted to him by a boutique in Florida. Simone is wearing something she calls “glam but chic, but not trying too hard.” It’s a black cut out dress with a slit up the front. Kevin is just wearing a pink jacket from Italy and some chinos. Courtney is wearing a hot pink short dress and Tanner is going casual classy. Abbi Murphy is going “boho and thrown together.”

The crew is dressing up to dine and to reflect on all of the fights, hook ups, and insanity that transpired during season 7 of Below Deck. Hollywood Life says, Kate and Ashton talk about their strange dynamic, go in depth into the crew drama and Captain Lee offers his opinion when the yachties come back to review their season aboard the Valor.

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