Best Bernie Sanders Valentine’s Memes & Cards for 2020

Bernie Sanders Valentine's


Happy Valentine’s Day 2020! With the Democratic primary campaigns underway and the general election approaching in November, a lot of people are going to want to share Bernie Sanders Valentine’s memes and cards today. Here are some of the best.

‘I Am Once Again Asking’ Is One of the Top Bernie Sanders Valentine’s Memes

Although there are a lot of popular Bernie Sanders Valentine’s memes this year, the “I Am Once Again Asking” meme is probably the most popular of them all.


Supporters are sharing all different versions of the Valentine’s meme this year. Here are some examples. Which one do you like the best? There’s one that’s in the form of a card.


Some people like to decorate his head with hearts and flowers.

This version is pretty cute.

And some people are just tweeting the message.

This version comes with a winking GIF.

And a slightly different “once again.”

Our Revolution

Here’s a different version.

Bernie drawing on a white board is also popular. The cute version below was shared by @isbellarosa on Twitter.


Here’s another version.

Here Are More Bernie Sanders Valentine’s Memes

Here are some more fun Bernie Sanders Valentine’s memes. Some of them center around his universal healthcare platform.


Others focus on Sanders’ “radical” ideas.


Some just use “Bern” as puns for fun Valentine’s. This one reads: “My heart Berns for you, and that isn’t BS.”


Here’s another pun that reads “My heart berns for you, Valentine!”

Or they talk about starting a revolution. This one reads, “You cause a revolution in my heart.”


This meme uses the popular #NotMeUs theme that Sanders has used not just in his 2020 campaign, but also in 2016. This one was shared on Twitter by Isabella.


This one was pretty popular during his 2016 campaign and is still popular today.


This next meme was also popular in 2016.


This next one, shared in the tweet below, celebrates Sanders’ big New Hampshire primary win. If you want to learn more about Sanders’ winning the New Hampshire Democratic primary, you can check out Heavy’s story about his big win here. He won the first-in-the-nation primary with 25.63% of the vote. The polls and betting odds all predicted that he would win the New Hampshire primary, which he ultimately did.

This one is also popular. It reads: “My love for you is in the Top 1%.”

Here’s another creative Bernie Sanders meme.


Some people don’t have a Valentine, but they’re celebrating Valentine’s by going to a Bernie Sanders rally and they’re really excited about it. Below, this Twitter user wrote: “Tomorrow for Valentine’s Day I’m taking my single self to a @BernieSanders rally I plan on going to more democratic rallies as the time goes on… haha!”

And some people have said they’d rather have a Valentine donate to Sanders than give them a Valentine’s gift this year.

This last meme is another popular one for 2020. It shows Sanders and reads: “You Are My American Dream!”

Our Revolution

So as you can see, if you’re wanting to share a Bernie Sanders Valentine’s meme or card today, there are a lot to choose from. Happy Valentine’s!

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