WATCH: Bill Nye Dancing Down the Runway at NYFW Goes Viral

Getty Bill Nye

Bill Nye officially went from being the “Science Guy” to the “Fashion Guy” after walking down the runway during New York Fashion Week. On February 5, Nye didn’t just strut down the runway at the Blue Jacket Fashion Show at Pier 59 Studios, he danced his way down to Lizzo’s “Juice,” and after the video was shared on Twitter, it quickly went viral.

The 62-year-old is famous for being the TV host of PBS children’s show Bill Nye the Science Guy, which aired from 1993 to 1998, and Netflix’s Bill Nye Saves the World, which premiered in 2017. But no one pegged the mechanical engineer and Cornell alum to be known for his fashion sense and dance moves.

The comments on Twitter applauded his effort to the max. Huffington Post editor Philip Lewis retweeted the video with the message, “Bill Nye the flyest guy,” while another user tweeted, “Is it finally okay for us to acknowledge Bill Nye is fine as hell???”

GettyBill Nye

While Nye could very well have a future in modeling, his purpose for being in the runway show was for a philanthropic cause close to his heart. He walked in the Blue Jacket Fashion Show because it benefits the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and Nye’s father passed away from the disease.

Nye Walked in Blue Jacket’s New York Fashion Week Runway in 2017

Star Studded Blue Jacket Fashion ShowStar Studded Blue Jacket Fashion Show, benefiting the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Find out who walked and talked. Some of the names are; CC Sabathia NY Yankees, Richard Johnson, NY Post, Bill Nye, The Science Guy and Don Lemon from CNN.2017-02-02T19:10:39Z

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Nye took on the role of a supermodel. He strutted down the runway three years ago for the exact same charity. In 2017, he was joined by fellow non-model celebrities such as CC Sabathia, Omar Sharif Jr., Mario Cantone, and Don Lemon.

That same year, Nye was asked to narrate the show for menswear designer Nick Graham and his Mars-themed runway presentation. Graham told Vogue he picked Nye because “he’s had such an amazing and positive impact on millions of people and their understanding of science. The more people know about science, the better off the planet will be.”

Best of all, Graham got Buzz Aldrin, 90, to walk down the runway for his “Fall-Winter 2035” show. The astronaut who’s famous for walking on the moon in 1969, had zero nerves walking down the runway. Graham, Aldrin, and Nye looked like they were having the time of their lives.

Nick Graham, Buzz Aldrin, and Bill Nye

As for Nye’s own personal style, Nye told Vogue he likes to keep things simple. “I like to wear a white shirt and be clean-shaven,” he said. “Then I feel dressed up and ready for virtually any situation. As an exception, a white dress shirt may not be the best choice, especially while surfing. Shaving (your face) would then be optional, as well.”

Bill Nye

Nye admitted that he owns over 500 bow ties and explained how it became his signature piece. “I started in with bow ties as a waiter at the girls’ athletic banquet in 11th grade. I found the bow tie made me looked dressed up. It also shows respect for those around you. And a bow tie does not slip into the soup or flop into a flask the way a straight tie does so easily.”

While he always remains open-minded, there is a fashion look he’d never try to pull off. “I do not get the no-socks, short-slacks look,” Nye said. “I have no objection to guys who choose to show their ankles and calves while having smelly, cold feet. It makes me look that much more put-together, respectful, and stylish. Go for it, you all. Also, jeans that fit around a guy’s butt instead of his waist. It just looks sloppy. They also look like they inhibit your movement as if you were pursuing a counterspy or perp.”

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