Blake & Jasmin 90 Day Fiancé Update: Where Are They Today?

Blake and Jasmin, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram Blake and Jasmin, stars of the hit reality series "90 Day Fiancé."

Blake and Jasmin, stars of the hit reality series 90 Day Fiancéare still together today and stronger than ever, based on their social media pages. The reality couple tied the knot toward the end of Season 7 and both stars gushed about their nuptials on Instagram shortly after the episode aired.

Blake and Jasmin were introduced a bit later in the season, and although we didn’t have as much time with them as the other couples, it was clear from the beginning that they had a strong relationship and were obviously quite smitten with each other. They had a relatively drama-free storyline this season as well, with just a few issues to overcome before their wedding.

So what’s going on with Blake and Jasmin today? Here’s what we know ahead of tonight’s Season 7 finale:

The Reality Couple Faced a Few Issues Regarding Jasmin’s Antisocial Ways & Skepticism From Blake’s Friends

Although Blake and Jasmin had an unusually low-key storyline this season, the reality stars still faced a few uphill battles on the road to their “happily ever after.” The two occasionally bickered about Jasmin’s antisocial ways, and Blake didn’t feel like Jasmin was as supportive of his music career as he would have liked. Blake’s mother was also concerned that Jasmin didn’t want to work once she got her green card, so the reality stars definitely had a couple of minor obstacles to overcome this season.

On top of everything else, Blake’s friends didn’t trust Jasmin’s intentions in the U.S.; they frequently voiced their concerns that Jasmin wasn’t interested in getting to know any of them, and a few of them noted the possibility that Jasmin was just with Blake for a green card, as her sister was already living in the U.S. when she arrived.

Despite his friends’ concerns, Blake remained loyal to Jasmin and continued to defend her vehemently all season. In response to the concern that Jasmin was using him for a visa in order to be closer to her sister, Blake had some choice words for their naysayers on Instagram.

“The fact that I get to see her smile every day, reminds me of all the nights I worked, the beats/productions I sold, and all the clients I’ve recorded, just to see her…and it was TOTALLY worth it,” Blake wrote on Instagram. “We’re growing as one and its the greatest thing ever. We shun negativity out of our lives just by simply reminding ourselves that, it’s US, not them. I got her here on my own. I’m taking care of her on my own. I could care less what anyone says. This woman is my everything, my [world]. I love u @jasminaniel.”

Blake & Jasmin Appear to Still Be Together Today

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A post shared by Jasmin Lahtinen (@jasminaniel) on Feb 10, 2020 at 11:36am PST

Blake and Jasmin found a way to overcome the few issues they faced this season, and appear to still be together today. Both stars frequently gush about each other on Instagram, and, following their wedding, both Blake and Jasmin posted photos from their big day to celebrate their nuptials.

“The quiet things left unknown are no longer QUIET,” Blake wrote on a series of photos from their wedding day. “Thank you @tlc for capturing the greatest moment in my life. Thank you to everyone that came. And thank you @jasminaniel for completing what I thought could never be whole. Thanks you for being you and for letting me be me. This is only the beginning, if we can get through THIS, we can conquer the universe.
Thank you to everyone that has watched us go through this journey.”

Tune in Monday, February 17 at 8 p.m. EST to see how Blake and Jasmin’s love story plays out in the end. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out this author’s profile for all of your 90 Day Fiancé coverage, and more!

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