Brad Pitt’s Kids & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brad Pitt

Getty Brad Pitt and Angellina Jolie with their children

Brad Pitt has six children, both adopted and biological with Angelina Jolie, his ex-wife.

His parents, William Alvin and Jane Etta Pitt, live in Springfield, Missouri. He also has two siblings: a brother named Doug and a sister named Julie Pitt Neal. They both live in Missouri.

Here’s everything you need to know about Brad Pitt’s family and kids:

1. Brad Pitt’s Father Influences His Work As An Actor

Brad Pitt

William Pitt and Jane Pitt.

Pitt told the New York Times about his father, William Alvin Pitt, “I grew up with that be-capable, be-strong, don’t-show-weakness thing…” Pitt was raised in Springfield, Missouri, the eldest of three children, his father was the owner of a trucking company. Pitt told the New York Times he sees his dad in every performance he gives. “In some ways, I’m copying him. He had grown up in extreme hardship and poverty, always dead set on giving me a better life than he had, and he did it. But he came from that stoic ilk.”

The New York Times continues that Pitt’s upbringing served Pitt better onscreen than off, and he’s giving hard thought to the person he’s become. “I’m grateful that there was such an emphasis on being capable and doing things on your own with humility, but what’s lacking about that is taking inventory of yourself.”

The Week reported that in Pitt’s film Ad Astra is an example of how Pitt’s relationship with his father influences his work. In Ad Astra, Pitt stars as Roy McBride, an impassive astronaut sent on a mission beyond the stars to find his missing father. “It’s a literal search for dad in contrast with the figurative search that Pitt, by his own admission, has been on his whole career.”

2. Brad Pitt’s Mother Wanted to Confront Angelina Jolie During their Divorce

Brad Pitt

Director/actor Angelina Jolie and Jane Pitt.

Pitt’s mother, Jane Etta Pitt, was reported to be angry with Jolie during her son’s divorce from the actress in 2016. A source said that Jane would never be able to forgive Jolie and thinks that she manipulated her son. According to the source, Jane believed that Jolie ruined her son’s life.

Additionally, Jane was angry about an interview, in which Jolie disparaged her ex-husband and made implications that were received poorly by many who had seen the interview. Sources told Celebrity Insider that Jane is “disappointed with the disrespect that her son has been getting through the whole ordeal.”

A source told Radar Online: “She’s done with all this cruelty and unpleasantness that’s been shown towards her son and looking to confront Angie head-on. Jane’s no pushover, and she’s furious at the little amount of time she and [Brad’s dad] Bill have gotten to spend with their grandchildren, too. Moreover, though, she wants to give Angie both barrels for the way she still treats her son like dirt. She’s looking forward to it and won’t hold back.”

3. Brad Pitt’s Sister Works for a Charity In Missouri

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston with Brads sister Julie and her husband Rob.

Brad’s sister Julie Neal and her husband Rob have three biological children including twins, daughters Rylie and Josie, both 18, and son Caleb, 21. They adopted Ethiopian-born sons Caden, nine, and Cruz, eight.

Neal is the youngest Pitt sibling and works for a charity as a director of the Missouri-based I Pour Life, which helps people with HIV and leprosy in Ethiopia develop job skills. She helps run a program called 10×10 in the town of Korah, which is now helping ten women living with diseases including HIV and leprosy learn a trade to support themselves.

The charity works in El Salvador, in Central America, and runs self-help programs in her home town, where it is finishing its headquarters. She launched the charity Digg Deep which raised $200,000 to build a well in the Ethiopian village of Chuko Wayama where her son Cruz was born.

4. Brad Pitt’s Brother Makes Beer

Doug Pitt is a brewer who owns Mother’s Brewing and lives in a southwest Missouri town with his wife of 28 years, Lisa, and their three kids, Landon, 25, Sydney, 23, and Reagan, 22. In an ad for Mother’s Brewing Doin’ Good orange wheat ale, Doug spoofs Pitt’s role as Detective David Mills, finding not a head in a box but a six pack of beer.

Doug is also the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania, as well as the director of WorldServe International, which is a charity that focuses on providing developing countries with water and sanitation solutions.

Even though Brad moved to Hollywood more than three decades ago, he and Doug Pitt remain close. When Brad split from Angelina Jolie back in September 2016 – and she accused him of child abuse – Doug was there for support. “Doug has been a total rock, and he managed to really rally Brad’s spirits following his split from Angie and get him back on track,” says a source.

5. Brad Pitt’s Six Children are Biological & Adopted

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their children in an airport.

Jolie’s oldest child is Maddox Chivan, who was adopted from an orphanage in Cambodia in 2002. She adopted Maddox when he was seven months old with her ex husband, Billy Bob Thornton. A few years later, Jolie adopted Zahara Marley, a six-month-old orphan from Ethiopia. Pitt and Jolie made the decision to adopt Marley together.

Jolie gave birth to her and Pitt’s first biological child, Shiloh Nouvel, in 2006. The child was born in Swakopmund in May 2006. The first photographs of Shiloh were sold to People and Hello!, for more than $7 million, which she donated to UNICEF.

In March 2007, Jolie and Pitt adopted Pax Thien, an orphan from Vietnam on her own. When they brought Thien back into the United States, Pitt applied to adopt Thien.

One year later, Jolie gave birth to twins named Knox Leon (boy), and Vivienne Marcheline (girl) in France. Jolie sold pictures of her children to People and Hello! for $14 million, to benefit the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

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