Does Brittainy Get Fired on ‘Very Cavallari’?

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Brittainy Taylor’s future with Uncommon James is uncertain after she made a major error that has put the company in a tough spot. However, she is able to redeem herself and avoid being fired. In fact, she is now the “Director of IT and Operations” at the brand.

The 31-year-old brunette has been a dedicated Uncommon James employee at the brand’s Nashville storefront for several years now. She graduated from Widener University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Advertising, so she brings some useful skills to her position within Uncommon James.

Almost getting fired isn’t the only close call that Taylor has had this season. She’s been at the center of drama throughout season 3. Despite the obstacles she has faced, she has built a strong bond with boss and Uncommon James founder, Kristin Cavallari.

Here’s a closer look at the drama Brittainy Taylor has been caught up in this season:

She Had A Pregnancy Scare

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After breaking up with her boyfriend of four years, country music artist Jon Stone, Brittainy Taylor had a pregnancy scare that was the focus of a recent episode of Very Cavallari. In the episode, Kristin Cavallari is seen guiding Taylor through taking a pregnancy test and coming to terms with the fear and anxiety she felt around the situation.

At the time of the pregnancy scare, Taylor admitted to having had break-up sex with Stone. In a confessional on Very Cavallari, she says that “I really haven’t talked to anybody about this, but I’m all of a sudden really tired and nauseous and also late on my period. Honestly, with all the break-up sex, I am getting kind of worried, and I think I’m pregnant.”

The pressure to look good in front of her boss kept her from initially admitting her predicament to Cavallari. During a recent episode, Taylor said that “I’m afraid to tell (Kristin Cavallari) I might be pregnant with my ex-boyfriend’s baby because I don’t want her to judge me. It’s just nerve-wracking altogether.”

She Has Moved On With A New Love Interest

Prior to season 3 of Very Cavallari, Brittainy Taylor was romantically linked to Jon Stone. However, her position with Uncommon James posted a threat to her relationship with Stone and the pair ultimately separated. As Bustle reported, “Throughout season 2 of Very Cavallari, Uncommon James manager Brittainy Taylor admitted to choosing work over her relationship with country musician Jon Stone.”

Taylor didn’t stay single for long, though. In October 2019, she introduced fans to her new beau, PJ Kellogg, via her social media accounts. Since the debut of her new relationship, Taylor has routinely posted photos of herself with Kellogg. The two appeared to have a lot of fun at Nashville’s Oktoberfest, where they made their public debut as a couple.

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