Are Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard Dating on ‘Summer House’?

Summer House

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Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke hooked up in the season 4 premiere of Summer House last week.

The potential couple has a dubious relationship at best, with career-driven Lindsay and the professionally floundering Carl not exactly being on even footing. However, the friends, who have been close for four years, became closer over the years until they both ended up single. Then, because their friendship is so strong, perhaps it was expected, reported People TV’s Reality Check.

On the show, Carl tell Kyle Cooke he shared a bed with Lindsay and, soon, the entire house becomes aware of the romantic encounter. According to People TV Reality Check, their romance will be the central focus on the entire season.

Here’s what we know about Carl and Lindsay’s relationship from Summer House:

Carl & Lindsay Seem to Be Dating on Social Media

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Lookin Sharp ? #SummerHouse

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The newest post on Carl’s Instagram was posted February 12, 2020 and shows him with Lindsay, who is drinking a blue, frozen drink, as they both sit behind an enormous carved up cheese wheel. His caption reads, “Lookin’ sharp. #summerhouse.” Lindsay was the second person to post a comment that read, “Boomshackalacka.”

On Lindsay’s Twitter feed, she posted a tweet in response to Carl’s tweet. A Twitter user tweeted, “Am I the only one who thinks #summerhouse totally sucks?” Carl tweeted, “Even diamonds start out as coal.” Lindsay tweeted “And this is why I love

Carl told People both he and Lindsay would often receive comments on social media that asked about their relationship status. “And you feel that pressure,” he said. “Then you start looking at each other and you’re like, ‘Hmm, maybe they’re right. Maybe we should.’ And they say date your best friend,” Carl told People TV Reality Check. “Usually, that goes well.”

Carl & Lindsay Might Not Be Dating In Reality

Bravo, in the season preview, said that Lindsay was ”more ready than ever to settle down with the man of her dreams” after several summers of carefree dating. Her bio says “this summer while on the search for love, her vulnerable side shines through. As the rumors swirl around the house, and her friendship with Carl gets complicated, Lindsay struggles to navigate matters of the heart.” Earlier, People TV Reality Check reported that it read that Carl is her “knight in shining armor.”

Carl’s bio says “this summer, that adventure is reforming his playboy ways and laser-focusing on his career and maybe even a more serious relationship.” While Carl was floundering around for work, he ended up getting a job at a startup called LoverBoy, a beverage company.

In the trailer, they’re asked if they’re getting married now, and Carl responds “No” as Lindsay says “Maybe.” There are obviously a few mixed signals here. While Lindsay’s bio claims her PR company is thriving, Carl’s career shows that he likes to move around a bit. Sometimes opposites attract. Other times they fail.

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