Fan Favorites for the Next Star of ‘The Bachelorette’ 2020

Kelly Flanagan The Bachelorette

ABC Kelley Flanagan is one of the fan-favorite 2020 Bachelor contestants. Could she be the next Bachelorette?

With only a few episodes left until the end of The Bachelor season 24, fans are awaiting ABC’s announcement for their 2020 Bachelorette selection. While the choice likely won’t be revealed until the “After the Finale Rose” special, that hasn’t stopped Bachelor Nation from making their guesses about who the lucky lady will be.

Read on to learn who the fan favorites for The Bachelorette are.

Kelley & Kelsey Are the Top Bachelorette Picks From the Bachelor Cast

When attorney Kelley Flanagan was sent home by Peter Weber just before the hometown dates (Peter chose to keep Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller around instead), Twitter erupted with shows of support for Flanagan and many suggested that she’d be a great candidate for Bachelor in Paradise or even as the next Bachelorette. The one thing Flanagan has against her “eligibility” was her exit from the show – the way the producers portrayed her in her final moments made her seem somewhat villainous, suggesting they have no intention of keeping her closely tied to the franchise and therefore didn’t mind showing her in a negative light when she was sent home.

While the fans may not have developed strong feelings for Kelsey Weier during her time on the reality show, which concluded after hometown dates, Kelsey has found support from a former contestant who has maintained her close ties to the Bachelor franchise. Ashley Iaconetti told Life & Style that she thinks Weier is “100 percent ready” to be the show’s next Bachelorette, adding “That girl is trying to find her husband. I don’t even think she cares about all the hoopla that comes with the show.” Iaconetti also said that “People are really craving an older cast and perhaps lead.” Weier is 28 years old.

Many Fans Are Hoping the Next Bachelorette Is Not a Season 24 ‘Bachelor’ Contestant

Season 24 of The Bachelor was lacking in stand-out contestants with star power and memorable personalities, so it’s no surprise that the majority of Bachelor fans on Twitter are hoping that the next Bachelorette is not a contestant from the most recent season.

After Kendall Long and Joe Amabile ended their Paradise-born relationship, many suggested that she could be a great Bachelorette. Emily Hill tweeted at the Bachelor and Bachelorette Twitter accounts “I’m casting my vote on Kendall Long as our next bachelorette!” @bachislife wrote “I am not a big fan of ANY girls on this season. No bachelorette potential in any of them. I’m team Kendall.”

Tia Booth, who broke up with Cory Cooper back in October 2019, is another name buzzing through Bachelor Nation as an alum worthy of the Bachelorette role. When Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss tweeted “Plus, we gotta pick the new #TheBachelorette soon… Need your advice. #TheBachelor,” Holly Barker responded with a gif of Tia throwing a football in Paradise. The tweet got over 1.5k, and Booth even replied, writing “If they go by who can throw a football the best, ya girl’s out of the running.”

In an unrelated tweet, Ashley Spivey wrote “Also if we are throwing hats into the ring for #TheBachelorette, I’m going to say @TayshiaAdamsor @tiarachel91 (if they want it).” The tweet amassed over 600 likes, showing that Tayshia Adams also has a solid backing as a 2020 Bachelorette candidate.

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