Garrett’s Mill Brewing Co in Ohio is Featured on ‘Restaurant: Impossible’

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Getty Chef Robert Irvine onstage during a culinary demonstration.

Chef Robert Irvine and the Restaurant: Impossible crew visited Garrett’s Mill Brewing Co in Garrettsville, Ohio. The new episode is part of the Restaurant: Impossible: Back in Business where Irvine tries to help small businesses come back following the coronavirus pandemic.

Garrett’s Mill Brewing Company is owned by Brian and Shelli Buchanan. They found themselves in trouble after agreeing to difficult financial terms when they moved into the mill. The couple both had to go back to work in order to keep their restaurant open. The original makeover took place in October 2019, and the new makeover was filmed in July 2020.

According to the episode synopsis for the first time the restaurant was featured, “Shelli is in over her head and her husband had to return to his trucking job to keep the business afloat. They have a $500,000 payment coming due, and the historic mill is just months away from grinding to a halt.”

“They did something really silly they should have never done,” Irvine told This Week News. “They signed a deal they never should have signed.”

Now, Irvine is back to help the owners, telling them that they will be able to come back, though around 30 percent of mom and pop businesses may not be, according to Irvine’s comments in the trailer for the new episode.

The Hardest Part For the Owners Was Hearing Their Mistakes

When owners agree to Irvine’s help and to be on Restaurant: Impossible, they know there’s a chance that the chef will be straightforward with them about their missteps along the way.

“We knew we’d be taking our medicine along the way, and, of course, we were dreading that…” she said. She went on to say that they agreed to do it because they knew it would help in the long run. “It was a relief to know that someone was coming to help; someone with a lot of experience and expertise was going to go through everything we needed to do.”

The building housing the brewing company was constructed in 1805. The front door opens to Main Street, and it has acted as a commercial center and a mill.

Irvine was excited with the overall outcome of this particular remodel.

“It’s one of my favorite remodels in the history of the show,” he said. “It’s such a historic building; you have to be very careful how you modernize it so you maintain its characters.”

Irvine also said there’s never a guarantee that the restaurant will make it after being on the show, but he thought there was hope for Garrett’s Mill and Brewing Company. He even said he would love to own the restaurant.

Reviews for the Restaurant Are Mixed

There are only a few reviews on Yelp since the remodel. A five-star review written by user Sarah F. They say that the restaurant is lovely and has quite the history.

“Our server was very nice and totally on the ball, we didn’t wait long for food or drinks… For dinner we had the giant pretzel, fried mushrooms, I got French onion soup and he had a burger and fries and everything was great. Our total bill was like $55 which is not so bad! We’ll come back for sure!”

A one-star review left by user Krista C. reads “It looked great from the outside and that’s about it. The beer we tried was pretty bad (the Dizzy deer ipa) plus we waited over 50 minutes for our food for a party of 4 and finally decided to leave. I do not recommend this establishment.”

Out of over 100 Google Reviews, Garrett’s Mill has a 4.4-star average. Recent reviews mention the top-notch food and craft beer. Negative recent reviews mention that service can sometimes be slow.

Local guides also mention the Bavarian pretzels and the “terrific mustard dipping sauce.”

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