Georges LeBar, RuPaul’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

RuPaul Georges LeBar

Getty RuPaul and his husband, Georges LeBar, pose together in a rare red carpet outing.

RuPaul’s husband is Wyoming rancher Georges LeBar. They have been married since 2017 and been together for more than 25 years. Husband is just the latest title RuPaul added to his name. The icon is the world’s most famous drag queen, an author, singer, businessman and on Saturday he’s adding another title to his name: host of SNL. RuPaul is leading the series with Justin Bieber as the music host.

LeBar may not be in the audience though. As a rancher, he likes to avoid the spotlight and has rarely been seen on red carpets. Essentially, he’s the complete opposite of RuPaul. “Most of the time, he’s on the ranch in Wyoming. He has a 60,000-acre ranch—it’s in two states, it’s in South Dakota, too. When I go there, I dress up in Western wear and nobody cares,” Ru said on Hollywood Today Live (via Marie Claire) in 2017.

“A modern ranch is really land management… you lease out the mineral rights, you sell water to the oil companies, and you lease out lots of land for people who have cattle,” the trailblazer added to Jimmy Kimmel, explaining what it’s like to be a modern rancher. When showing the late-night host a selfie, he pointed out: “I’m the only one in Wyoming who dresses in western wear.”

In an Instagram selfie, RuPaul revealed they were dancing one night and the next week they were jet setting across the world. “I met him on a Monday 25 years ago. One week later, we were on Elton John’s private jet flying from London to Düsseldorf,” he wrote to his followers in January 2019.

To find out more about LeBar and his relationship with RuPaul, continue reading below for five fast facts:

They Have An Open Marriage

According to RuPaul, monogamy is a hoax. During an interview with Vanity Fair, he was asked how they decided on having an open relationship, but RuPaul said there was nothing to decide. He then took things a step further and said that monogamy was an illusion.

“The hoax… is that monogamy is something that can actually happen,” he said.

“I wouldn’t want to put restraints on the person I love the most on this planet,” RuPaul told the magazine. “Listen, if you get something that you cannot resist and that is gonna make you happy, go for it. Because the truth is, I know in my heart of hearts like I’ve ever known anything before, that man loves me more than anything else in this world.”

Plus, there’s another important tip RuPaul added: “Gore Vidal said you should never pass up an opportunity to have sex or be on television.”

They Probably Won’t Have Kids—But They’re Not Ruling It Out

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Georges Bondi Beach Sydney 1995

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While LeBar loves children, RuPaul simply doesn’t have the time to be a parent. If he were to have a child, he would want to make sure he raised them right. “If I were going to do it, I would devote my time to that kid. But, no, I’ve never wanted to do it. I love kids, but it’s mainly because I’d have to deal with the other parents,” he told The Guardian.

Then RuPaul jokingly mocked parents who have children before they’re emotionally ready. “Fucking idiots, passing on this bullshit to their kids. People are fucking insane, and it would be terrible for my kid, because I would be telling off the other parents. I’d want to expand my kid’s experience, but all these other parents would be like…” RuPaul said. “Oh my God that would drive me crazy – so, no.”

But it doesn’t mean it’s completely out of the question. “It could still happen, sure. It could happen tomorrow, you know. If he wanted to do it tomorrow, I would do it,” RuPaul said, thinking about the possibility. “I certainly would, yes. It’s because I’ve done my thing on this. I think my legacy is set in stone.”

RuPaul Loved LeBar’s Height

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Christmas Party ‘19

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Even though they married in 2017, LeBar and RuPaul have been together since 1994. One of the things that attracted RuPaul to his future love was his height. The Drag Race star is 6-foot-4. LeBar is 6-foot-8 and was wearing platforms the night they met at a New York City nightclub.

“I’m tall,” he told Vanity Fair in 2019. “I’ve never been able to put my arms around someone’s shoulders who was taller than me.”

The night they met is the day they chose to get married 23 years later.

They’ve Had Ups And Downs in Their Relationship

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Georges at St. Paul de Vance

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Staying together for 25 years is no easy feat—it’s practically unheard of by Hollywood standards—but that doesn’t mean RuPaul and LeBar haven’t experienced their share of troubling times. “We’ve had our ups and downs and everything in between, and there isn’t a person on this planet I like being around more than him,” he told Interview magazine.

One of the ways their relationship works is not seeing each other for stretches of time. “We see each other about every three weeks. But, you know, we’re adults. We can handle it,” RuPaul added.

RuPaul and LeBar aren’t alone in living separately from their spouses. In fact, it could potentially be a new trend that starts to emerge in Hollywood. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kaley Cuoco have also revealed they don’t live with their partners.

They Got Married Because of Financial Reasons—and Possibly Because of Trump

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ça va mon chéri?

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RuPaul didn’t directly say that the reason he and LeBar decided to make things legal was because of President Donald Trump, but he did note that the state of the country is one of the reasons he and LeBar decided it was time to say “I do.” The other reason was to protect their assets.

“We thought, ‘We don’t have to get married,'” he told Entertainment Tonight Online. “But then, in light of what’s happening currently in the world today, what’s happening in Washington, we thought, you know what? Let’s do it. Let’s just do it, because there’s too much at stake with our businesses … so, that’s why we did it.”

Before the 2016 election, it was never something they had considered. “We never wanted to do it,” added to Hollywood Today Live. “We were looking into it for really for tax breaks and financial (reasons).”

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