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Fans of true crime and suspenseful thrillers are in for a treat when Interrogation drops this week. The show is based on a real case, with some scenes taken verbatim from police interviews, interrogations, trial transcripts, and other evidence. Here’s what you need to know about the premiere date, time, channel, cast, plot and more.

Interrogation Premiere Channel: Interrogation is the latest original series on CBS All Access, the over-the-top CBS streaming service. Other original CBS All Access shows include The Good Fight, Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, Tell Me a Story, The Twilight Zone, and Why Women Kill.

Interrogation Premiere Date & Time: The entire season drops overnight on Thursday, February 6. A rep for CBS All Access has previously told us that time varies by the platform on which you watch CBS All Access, but it will be there on your app first thing Thursday morning.

Interrogation | Official Trailer | CBS All AccessJustice is a matter of perspective. Interrogation premieres on February 6, only on CBS All Access. CBS All Access. IT'S ON. Sign Up: bit.ly/2D3jkGr © 2020 CBS Interactive, Inc. Visit cbs.com/ #CBSAllAccess #CBS2020-01-12T23:38:05.000Z

Interrogation Season 1 Cast: Kyle Gallner (Veronica Mars) and Peter Sarsgaard (The Looming Tower) anchor the cast, with Gallner playing Eric Fisher, a young man accused of murdering his mother, and Sarsgaard playing the detective in charge of the case, Det. David Russell.

They are surrounded by a very strong supporting cast in David Strathairn as Eric’s father, Henry, Joanna Going as Eric’s mother, Mary, Kodi Smit-McPhee as Eric’s roommate, Chris, Vincent D’Onofrio as another officer on the force, Sgt. Ian Lynch, Frank Whaley as Russell’s partner, and Andre Royo as the private investigator Eric hires to help him, Charlie Shannon.

Interrogation Season 1 Plot: This show is the dramatization of a real-life crime that spanned more than 30 years. The names have changed, but the facts remain the same — Eric Fisher was accused of brutally murdering his mother in 1983 when he is only 17 years old. Det. Russell is the lead investigator and he is convinced that Eric is guilty — so much so that he will stop at nothing to get a conviction, which he does eventually get. But that’s not a spoiler because Eric spent the next two decades fighting to prove his innocence.

Interrogation | Eric's Story Trailer | CBS All AccessJustice is a matter of perspective. Interrogation premieres on February 6, only on CBS All Access. CBS All Access. IT'S ON. Sign Up: cbs.com/all-access/?cbscidmt=interrogation © 2020 CBS Interactive, Inc. #CBSAllAccess #CBS2020-01-31T18:01:43.000Z

The show has 10 episodes — a premiere titled “Eric Fisher” that should be watched first and a finale that should be saved for the end. But the eight in between are non-linear. They can be watched in any order because each one focuses on one person related to the case and how his or her testimony paints Eric as guilty or innocent. The idea is that the viewers can act like cold-case detectives, who don’t follow the linear narrative of a crime when they re-examine old cases. This multi-linear approach will give viewers the opportunity to follow their instincts and develop their own interpretations of the facts of the case and ultimately decide innocence or guilt.

Then when they’ve seen all sides to the case, viewers can watch the finale and see what detectives ultimately uncovered 20 years after Mary Fisher’s death that did not come out at trial.

Interrogation drops Thursday, February 6 on CBS All Access.

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