Is Madisson Pregnant on Siesta Key?

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Fans, for weeks, have been curious about Madisson’s pregnancy scare, and it seems like tonight, we’re finally going to watch the drama unfold. But for viewers who are quick to jump the gun, there are no reports of Madisson being pregnant. On top of that, her social media suggests he was never pregnant at all.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode of Siesta Key reads, “Alex sends Juliette’s personal texts to Robby. Jared struggles with his break up with Kelsey, while Kelsey continues her romance with Jake. Madisson is worried that she may be pregnant. Juliette claims Alex is still in love with her.”

Madisson Is Dating a 46-Year-Old Producer

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Update: still happy ?‍♀️ #siestakey

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By now, Siesta Key fans are well aware that Madisson is dating her 46-year-old Season 1 producer, named Ish.

This season of Siesta Key filmed in April, though, and that means that that by now, Madisson would at the very least be showing (in fact, she’d have already had the baby.) One click on her Instagram account makes it clear that isn’t the case.

Madisson has posted a number of photos of herself on social media recently– flat tummy included, suggesting that the pregnancy scare filmed for the show was just that– a scare.

For those curious if Madisson and Ish are still in a relationship, it seems they are still dating. Less than one month ago, Maddison posted the above photo to Instagram. She captioned the pic, “Update: still happy.”

And fans seem to be supportive of the relationship. One person recently commented on the Instagram pic, “As long as you guys are happy that’s what matters.” Another added, “My bf is 19 years older then me, when it works it works!”

And on Valentine’s Day, Ish posted a photo of the couple, and captioned it, “My valentine now and forever!!” suggesting he is very serious about the romance.

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My valentine now and forever!!

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She Recently Opened up About the Age Difference in Her Relationship

In late January, Madisson opened up to E! about the age gap in her relationship.

She told the outlet, “I get it. It’s a big age difference but I would hope that after everyone initially judges it, will come around and see it’s a real relationship with real feelings and he is good to me. It’s a healthy relationship.”

Viewers have watched Madisson’s father struggle with her dating someone so much older, but Madisson has made it clear this is the right move for her– at least for now. She adds, “You just get to see a whole deeper side to me. I feel like Ish brings out a really authentic part of me,” Maddison explained. “I’m more open to love and have a stronger connection than I think I have ever had on television. I think all of my friendships have been real, but I think Ish brings out a whole different side of me… [My ex] Brandon and I had some really good times but ultimately, it was more of a childish relationship. There was no future there and these are conversations I have with Ish and it’s a lot more serious.”

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