Maximilian David Muniz, Jennifer Lopez’s Son: 5 Fast Facts

jennifer lopez son maximilian david muniz

Getty Jennifer Lopez with her son, Maximilian David Muniz, and daughter, Emme Muniz.

Maximilian David Muniz is the 11-year-old son of singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Max, who has a twin sister Emme, was born February 22, 2008, while J-Lo and Anthony were still married. The couple divorced in 2014, but remain close friends and her co-parenting Max and Emme.

Lopez, who is now engaged to baseball star Alex Rodriguez, has said many times that family comes first. Her son is often seen by her side on her Instagram and social media pages. Lopez has talked about how keeping a good relationship with her ex-husband is important as they work to balance their modern family. Anthony, whose full name is Marc Anthony Muniz, has four other children. And Lopez’s new beau, A-Rod, has two children. They are often seen together as one big happy family.

J-Lo told People in 2017, “Kids are so beautiful and open to love and new friends. I was so loving to his kids and he was so loving and accepting of mine, and they embraced each other right away. [It was] ‘I get a new bonus brother and sisters to hang out with all the time and it’s nice.’ A-Rod added, “Our kids have become best friends and that keeps us both grounded and appreciative. We couldn’t have asked for anything better than the four of them getting along as they do.”

Here’s what you need to know about Jennifer Lopez’s son Max Muniz:

1. Max & His Twin Sister Emme Split Time With Their Father & Mother

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Max and Emme Muniz split time with their parents, according to a custody agreement settled in 2014 when Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony finalized their divorce. From an outsider’s perspective, things seem to be going well. The kids are often seen spending time with both of their parents, with Alex Rodriguez and his kids, and Anthony’s other children also around.

Lopez has called Anthony her “best friend,” and told People, “We’re just in a really great place, and the kids get to spend time with the two of us more together and see us working together. (Remaining close is) just good for the whole family.”

Max has four half-siblings, and two step-siblings. Marc Anthony also has a daughter, Ariana, and son Chase, from his relationship with Debbie Rosado, and two sons, Christin and Ryan, with Dayannra Torres. Alex Rodriguez has two daughters, Natasha and Ella, with his first wife, Cynthia Scurtis.

2. Lopez Often Shares Videos of Max & His Sister, Including One of Him Singing ‘Riptide’ & a Q&A Called ‘Twin Talk’

Jennifer Lopez isn’t shy about showing off her kids and her love for her “coconuts.” She often posts videos of her son and daughter on Instagram. One video, posted in September 2019, shows Max and Elle performing Vance Joy’s song “Riptide” together. J-Lo captioned the photo, “My heart can’t take it… ?♥️?? ?? #coconuts #familia #dinnertableserenade #música”

She also posted a question and answer style show called “Twin Talk,” where Max and Emme questioned their mother on a talk show-style set.

3. J-Lo Says Max Will Walk Her Down the Aisle When She Marries A-Rod

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez haven’t quite figured out when they will be getting married, but J-Lo already has some plans in mind. She recently revealed she wants her son, Max, to walk her down the aisle, and her daughter, Emme, to be one of her bridesmaids.

She told People in 2019 that she wanted her only son to be the one to take her to give her away to a waiting A-Rod, but said everything else is up in the air, “We’re talking about it, but we don’t have any firm plans. We’re talking about a lot of places but I don’t know yet.”

4. Max Received a Standing Ovation From His Family, Including Both of His Parents, When He Sang at His Mother’s 50th Birthday Party & a School Recital

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Max and Emme performed during Jennifer Lopez’s 50th birthday celebration in July 2019, earning a standing ovation from her family.

According to TooFab, Max belted out a few lines from the “Hamilton” song “My Shot,” while his sister sang Diana Ross’ “Do You Know Where You’re Going To,” and “Hard Knock Life,” from “Annie.”

He got more applause in May 2019 when he performed in front of his parents at a school recital. A-Rod was also in attendance and posted video of the moment online, according to E! News. He belted out a solo during Shaina Twain’s “You’re Still the One.”

5. Jennifer Lopez Made Sure to Spend Time With Max & His Sister as She Prepared for the Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

Jennifer Lopez has always made it a point to spend time with her children as much as she can, despite her busy schedule. During the leadup to her Super Bowl halftime show performance, Lopez posted a photo in bed with Max and Emme, as they did homework.

She wrote, “Break from rehearsal for homework and snuggle time… ?”

In August 2019, Lopez told Variety, “There were times in my life when my career was going great, and my personal life was going OK. And there were times my personal life was stable, but my career was not great. This is the first time where I have a really beautiful alignment between the two. I think Alex brought that for me. I love it. We have a beautiful life.”

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