Is the Turtle on ‘The Masked Singer’ Jesse McCartney?

The Masked Singer Turtle, Jesse McCartney Turtle

FOX The Turtle in the “The Playoffs: Group A” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Feb 5 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

On The Masked Singer season 3 so far, the Turtle contestant has stood out for his excellent singing voice and commanding stage presence. Fans are dissecting each clue in an effort to uncover the identity of the celebrity beneath the mask, and one recording artist’s name has emerged above the rest: Jesse McCartney.

So, is Jesse McCartney the celebrity behind the Turtle mask? Read on for why we think it’s possible.

Several Big Clues Suggest That Jesse McCartney Is the Turtle

The surfboard: Jesse McCartney won three Teen Choice Awards in 2005, and the Teen Choice Award trophy is a life-size surfboard. McCartney also starred in the show Summerland.

The Turtle says he was “surrounded by other hungry newcomers” at the start of his career, and “watched as many stars burnt too brightly too quickly”: McCartney got his start as a child actor on the television show All My Children.

The Turtle’s singing voice: Since The Masked Singer is a singing competition and Jesse McCartney had a successful singing career, there are ample videos available online to compare the Turtle’s singing voice to Jesse McCartney’s – and the voices do sound similar!

“Don’t Rave Ever At My School – Turtle” written on the chalkboard: On Twitter, user Erica Wallace pointed out that the first letter of each word spells out “DREAM ST,” the name of the band that Jesse McCartney was in before launching his solo music career.

Menu with “Dover Sole, Slow Cooked Beets, and Ginger Snaps”: These menu items could be a play-on-words to hint at different details associated with the celebrity’s professional and personal life. Jesse McCartney’s first solo album was entitled Beautiful Soul, he was in a kids’ group called “Sugar Beats,” and his mom’s name is Ginger.

The Turtle says he was voted “Most Likely to Hunt For Booty”: In 2001, Jesse McCartney starred in the movie Pirates of Central Park. According to his IMDb profile, he also voiced the character “Terence” in The Pirate Fairy.

Fan on Twitter Are in Agreement That the Turtle Is Jesse McCartney

When The Masked Singer tweeted to its followers “Someone tell us who #TurtleMask is,” one enthusiastic user wrote “Jesse McCartney!!!!” to which another fan replied “THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION.”

The other comments below the original tweet were nearly unanimous. One person wrote “You know….them girls are right, it DOES sound like @JesseMcCartney!!!!! #TheMaskedSinger #TurtleMask. And yes, Jesse can SANG!!!!!!”

While we agree with those fans and have locked in Jesse McCartney as our guess for who’s behind the Turtle mask, he’s not the only option. Other possible guesses include Joey McIntyre from “New Kids on the Block” and Zac Efron of High School Musical and The Greatest Showman fame. Since the Turtle has already proven himself as a stronger performer and vocalist, don’t expect to learn his identity any time soon – if he isn’t eliminated at the end of episode 3, he will be back with more clues and performances with

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