Joe Gorga Confronts Jennifer Aydin’s Husband Bill on Their Sex Life


Getty Jennifer Aydin and Bill Aydin.

Last week, on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Gorga told Bill Aydin that he needed to “bang” his wife more.

While at a 20th anniversary party for Margaret Joseph’s lifestyle brand in the Hamptons, a fight broke out between Jennifer Aydin and Melissa Gorga about their spending habits. Jennifer began throwing plates and silverware at Melissa. This fight followed a previous fight between the two women in which Jennifer threw glasses at Melissa while they were in Cabo.

Joe Gorga brought this incident to Bill Aydin’s attention in front of the other husbands, saying that his wife was acting up because she needed more sex. He proceeded to explain to Bill that a rumor was circulating that Jennifer was sexually frustrated and needed more from Bill.

Here’s what the RHONJ cast said about Joe’s sex tip to Bill:

The RHNJ Husbands Respond to Joe Telling Bill to Bang His Wife More

“What the f**k is up with your wife, man?” Joe asked Bill, “We’re talking about Jen disrespecting my wife, throwing f**king food. Last time, she threw a glass at her!” Bill responded, “Normally, she’s calm but if Melissa disses her, it’s f**king hard for me to hold her back.”

Joe continued to the crowd, “I was telling the doctor here. You gotta straighten your wife out. The word is out that you gotta bang her more,” he said. “She’s sexually frustrated. You gotta give her more.” Bill walked toward Jennifer as Joe shouted, “Where you going, doc?” He told bystanders that he was only “speaking the truth.”

Joe and Bill have spoken about their sex life with their wives in the past. In December 2019, during a poker night for the RHONJ husbands, Bill said that he and Jennifer have sex once a month. Joe said that he liked that idea because it kept her “wanting it.” Later, in his confessional, he was not as sure about the frequency with which Bill was having sex. He said they were probably having marriage problems, reported OK! Magazine.

Frank Catania and Joe Benigno appeared in the reaction video on Bravo to discuss the frequency of the sex between Bill and Jennifer. “Joe might have had a point,” said Benigno. “Maybe it was pent up anger. They do publicly speak about how they get together once a month. She insists that all the kids sleep in her bed so he’s got the pool house set up as an apartment. But I think she’s crazy. Sex has nothing to do with it,” he said.

The Housewives Respond to Joe Telling Bill to Bang His Wife More

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In a video posted by Bravo, Jennifer and the other housewives reacted to Bill’s use of the word bang. “You look like a broken puppy,” said Delores Catania.

“I think he must have repeated what Joe said, so I feel it’s going be a cringeworthy moment when I see my husband say the word ‘bang.’ It’s just, like, ‘ew.’ Seeing Bill say the word ‘bang’ is ‘ew.’ Seeing Joe Gorgas say the word ‘bang’ that’s like a normal Tuesday for him.” Delores took her shoe off and began rubbing her foot.

Melissa responded to explain that Joe was being polite. “That’s his way of saying, ‘you better tell your wife to stop throwing sh*t at my wife,’ but at the same time making light of it and saying, ‘you gotta bang your wife and calm her down.’ That’s his way of being really nice, actually,” she said in the video.

Jennifer continued about how her husband does not speak “that way” because he’s a “classy guy.” She said, “I feel like Joe just embarrassed himself. When I see [my husband] trying to be one of the boys, I’m like, ‘babe, you just do you. Everybody likes mister prim and proper classy guy. You don’t have to degrade yourself.’”

Delores said, “I’m a big Bill fan. I want a guy like Bill Aydin,” to which Jennifer replied, “Yeah! Aladdin, baby. Ali Baba!”

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