Will Peter Weber Pick Kelley Flanagan on ‘The Bachelor’ This Season?

Kelly Flanagan The Bachelorette

ABC Kelley Flanagan is one of the fan-favorite 2020 Bachelor contestants. Could she be the next Bachelorette?

This season of The Bachelor is heating up heading into week five. This week, there will be two episodes of the show, with one being on Monday, Feb. 3, and the other airing on Wednesday, Feb. 5. The show may be down to six contestants by the end of the week after starting with ten women.

WARNING: Spoilers for this season of The Bachelor follow.

According to the episode synopsis, episode five will see Peter and the women travel to Costa Rica, where Peter will hurt his forehead and gain a “character-building wound.”

In this episode, Kelley gets a one-on-one date with Peter, and she will get the rose, meaning she cannot be eliminated on tonight’s episode. Since there is one more episode this week, though, that won’t be the end of the drama.

Here’s what we know about Kelley’s journey on The Bachelor:

Kelley and Peter Met Before Filming

Prior to the start of The Bachelor, Peter and Kelley had completely coincidentally met in person.

“This is completely random, but they met at a hotel,” host Chris Harrison said when introducing the women. “They were both [at the hotel] for separate parties. She knew Peter and Peter obviously didn’t know her. She went up to him and they met, and they both think this could be destiny.”

He added that it’ll be important to keep an eye on Kelley for the season, saying that she uses the rules, makes up rules and finds loopholes to her advantage.

Kelley is in the Top Six

Prior to the start of the season beginning to air, Reality Steve revealed some major spoilers for the season. Reality Steve has been wrong before, but that’s usually closer to the end of the season.

Kelley will reportedly make it through this week at least, since Reality Steve does have her making it to the final six along with Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett, Victoria Fuller, Kelsey Weier and Natasha Parker.

Both Kelley and Natasha are reportedly eliminated before the hometown dates.

The issue with knowing the final six contestants and not knowing the actual ending of the show is that anything could happen in the final rose ceremony. Teasers for the final ceremony were shared prior to the start of the season, and it promises to be an ending like no other on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. 

What’s more than that is that Reality Steve doesn’t have spoilers for the ending of the season, and Peter has gone on record confidently saying that the ending cannot be spoiled. For now, we know that there is no normal ending, and Peter does not get engaged during the final rose ceremony in Australia.

So, while Peter does not pick Kelley for the final four, it’s possible that the ending of the show will see him ending up with her somehow.

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