Kelly Chase & Kenny Barnes Today: Where Are They Now, in 2020?

Are Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes still together

Netflix Where are Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes today, in 2020? What are they up to now?

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes were one of the engaged couples on Love is Blind, a hit reality show released on Netflix in February. In the series finale, Kelly shocked the world by rejecting her fiance, Kenny, at the alter. This may lead fans to wonder where both of them are now, over a year after filming for the show ended.

Kenny Barnes is a 27-year-old commercial and architectural lighting consultant, nowadays. As for Kelly, she’s 33 years old and working as a health coach.

Kenny’s Instagram bio reads, “Dad joke mixologist… Speak it. Believe it. Receive it.”

As for Kelly, her Instagram bio reads, “?Health & Empowerment Coach
?I help females love their bodies, career + relationships.”

Leading up to the finale, Kelly posted to Instagram about what she was feeling when she was about to walk down the aisle. She didn’t tell fans about the shocking outcome, but she did write, “Literally in this moment my entire body was quivering, any and every thought ran through my mind, I was sweating yet shivering, trying to practice the simple ‘4 square breathing technique’; the most INTENSE moment in my life…well, other than what you’ll see on the Season Finale!!!?”

Here’s what you need to know:

Kenny References Spirituality & Mindfulness in a Post Addressing How He’s Dealt With the Pressure of the Show

Many people might be wondering how Kenny has been feeling in the year after airing, since he’s the one who was dumped, and who was considerate enough to go with Kelly to explain why they weren’t getting married to their respective parents.

In a lengthy Instagram post on February 27, Kenny spoke to how his mindfulness and spirituality have been foundational, in terms of how he’s processed the experience of having the world watch Love is Blind. 

He wrote,

During these past few weeks, the world has been given a “backstage pass” look into my life. Who I am, how I conduct myself, my friends, family and everything in between. People often ask, “aren’t you nervous?”, “what do think about what this person said?”, etc., etc. There’s no “right approach” to how I should manage it, nor is there a “right approach” to how any of us handle events in life. We simply do our best

A sermon this past week was centered around the theme “Thank you, next”. The message may be simple, but it is a timely reminder for us to focus on the now and not muddy the present gifts with the past or the future. And I would like to stress the point that our future is directly contingent upon what we are doing now – in this moment – that is more special and unique than any other

Challenge: stop placing an ROI (return on investment) on everything you do and embrace it for what it is and appreciate it for just that. Because the ROI doesn’t exist when the return is happening…RIGHT NOW.

Kelly, too, has shared how it’s felt to have the world watch her relationship grow, then implode, on reality television. But instead of tying it to spirituality, she’s tied it to her passion for wellness. On Instagram, she wrote, “For me, it’s all such a surreal experience knowing how much I’ve grown as a person simply because of the conversations in the pods and throughout the experiment with Kenny. If we weren’t being vulnerable, we weren’t truly connecting.”

“We live in such a fast paced world where stress is literally killing people,” she continued. “That stress could be reduced if we’d only just take a breather, and learn to truly connect with ourselves. As we do this, we can better understand others…and I promise the world would be a lot less stressed and sick.”

She finished, Wellness is not just about eating healthy or exercising; it’s both, plus finding peace in our relationships, career, finances, and spirituality. And to find that peace, we must communicate, connect and listen. When you listen, you’ll find love.”

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