Why Kelsey Weier’s Father Scott Isn’t on ‘The Bachelor’

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On season 24 of The Bachelor, Kelsey Weier has been pretty candid with Peter Weber about her tumultuous family life. Here’s what we know about her parents’ divorce and why her dad wasn’t seen during her hometown date on the episode airing Monday, February 17.

Kelsey’s Dad Left When She Was in 7th Grade

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On the fourth episode this season, Kelsey got her first solo date with Peter and that is where she explained to him how her father, Scott Weier, left her mom, Beth, and their family.

As they went for a river cruise in Cleveland, Kelsey explained, “I am the way I am for a reason. A lot of my character traits come from my parents’ divorce. They separated when I was in 7th grade … I found out before my mom did. I came home from basketball practice and there was a letter written on the counter with my dad’s wedding ring.”

She went on to say that she “didn’t see him for 12 years after that.”

“He moved to Mexico and started his own life and had his own family. … But I think that’s where some of my tough exterior comes from. I grew up with this protective shell and I’ll let some people in but I won’t let everybody in,” said Kelsey.

After the Divorce, Her Father Wrote a Book and Her Mother Sued Him Over It

In 2008, Scott wrote a memoir called Mind, Body, and Soul in which he discussed his marriage to Kelsey’s mom, criticizing Beth by saying she lied to her daughters, was generally mean and spiteful and lacked religious convictions. In one passage, Scott even alleges that Beth’s father, Gail Bierman, molested her as a child and that she suffered from bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder as a result, according to the court documents.

Scott published the book and distributed it around the Clear Lake, Iowa, area. His publishing company, Author Solutions, Inc. (ASI), also offered the book on its own website where it sold three copies. One copy was sold via Amazon.

When Beth learned about the book, she and her father filed a suit with the Polk County District Court alleging libel, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The petition cited 32 excerpts that Beth said were defamatory. Scott filed a countersuit alleging slander, but the district court dismissed the counterclaims.

The district court then ruled in favor of Beth and her father, though the Iowa Supreme Court eventually overturned the ruling against the book publisher. The Supreme Court upheld the district court’s ruling against Scott and let the petition proceed.

Kelsey Has Been Trying to Have a Relationship With Her Dad and Her Mom Doesn’t Know

On episode 7, Kelsey got her second one-on-one date with Peter and had to tell him something important just in case she made it to the hometown dates — that she has started to form a relationship with her father, but her mother doesn’t know.

Kelsey told Peter that in 2017, after she won Miss Iowa, her dad reached out but it didn’t go very well then.

“We tried to have a relationship again, and there were just a lot of red flags, so we didn’t. … I asked him questions as to why he did certain stuff and why he left and he really couldn’t give me answers to it. He just said, ‘Well, God told me to do this’ and ‘God told me to do that,’ and I was like, ‘That’s such a coward excuse.’ It was just easier to not have a relationship at the time,” said Kelsey, going on to say that about a year ago, he reached out again and that time it went a lot better.

“We had a really good conversation and we’ve been in communication since, but the issue is my mom doesn’t know,” said Kelsey, much to Peter’s surprise. “The reason for that is I want to make my own decision about the relationship I want to have before I involve family or tell them and I don’t want outside influences to dictate my relationship with him and that’s why she doesn’t know.”

Kelsey told Peter that she didn’t think her dad would get brought up on hometown dates, but just in case he is brought up, Peter needed to be in the loop.

We Do Meet Kelsey’s Stepdad, Though

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Kelsey’s mom Beth married Mike Rice pictured here with Kelsey, her sister Kalason and her mom) in March 2017 and he seems to have a good relationship with his stepdaughters. In a preview for the hometown dates, Mike talks to Kelsey about her experience so far and how she feels about Peter, telling her it’s “big” that she told him she loves him. Kelsey then tells her stepdad that she’s worried about getting her heartbroken, while in the other room, Beth warns Peter not to break her daughter’s heart.

“You walked in the door and I know my daughter. When she loves, she loves like no other. It takes a lot for her, and that’s why I guess I’m so shocked that we’re here today, because it proves you’re a very special person. Nobody’s ever done this, Peter. Ever,” says Beth, adding, “As a mom of three and having gone through a divorce, nobody wants to have their children’s heart broken, so don’t break my girl’s heart.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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