Kelsey Weier’s Parents & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Instagram Kelsey Weir with sisters Kalason, Kayla, and mother Beth

When Season 24 of The Bachelor first premiered, of all the 30 contestants vying for the heart of Peter Weber, an early stand-out was Kelsey Weier. Champagnegate aside, viewers quickly saw that even the tiniest bits of affection from the 28-year-old Delta pilot made her cry happy tears, and any sense of jealousy or doubt sent her spiraling into an emotional breakdown, a.k.a reality TV gold.

While the former Miss Iowa winner is incredibly close to her mother, Beth, and two sisters, her relationship with her father Scott Weier is its own telenovela. Up until recently, he was a non-existent factor in her life. However, Kelsey revealed during her 1-on-1 date with Peter that she secretly started communicating with her father after his 12-year absence.

Revealing such a secret on national TV seemed like an odd choice, and proceeding to ask Peter not to mention this factoid during Hometown Dates seemed like another red flag. Of course, Kelsey should be the one to tell her family that she’s decided to try and mend things with her father, but by announcing it on The Bachelor, the jig was already up. Her biological father Scott will not appear on the show, but her stepfather, Mike Rice, will be present.

Here’s what you need to know about Kelsey Weier’s parents and family:

1. Kelsey Was Raised By A Single Mom

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In a 2017 Miss USA profile, Weier tearfully opened up about what it was like growing up without a father present and how much it meant to her to have a mother like Beth.

“My mom had to raise three girls by herself and I don’t know how she did it. I don’t think I would be as strong and to be able to handle some of the pressures that come with pageants if it wasn’t for her and seeing how she handled the pressures of all she had to deal with. I have so much love and appreciation and respect for her. And she has taught me how to be a strong and independent woman.”

2. Kelsey Has A Twin Sister Named Kayla

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Weier’s parents must love alliteration, as they named their fraternal twin daughters Kelsey and Kayla. Not only do they look incredibly alike, but they appear to also be genuine best friends.

While Kelsey was running for Miss Iowa, which she won in 2017, and competing for Miss USA, both sisters were on hand to cheer her on. After being crowned, Kelsey shared the exciting moment on Instagram by thanking her family.

Becoming Miss Iowa USA 2017 is still so surreal. Words cannot describe the emotions I’m feeling after achieving a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl. Without the love and support from my family and friends this accomplishment would still be a hope instead of a reality. Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me and helped me grow into the person I am today- I love you all. I’m so excited to see what this year has in store for me!

3. Beth Sued Scott Weier After He Published A Book In Which He Alleged She Was Molested By Her Father

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Kelsey explained to Peter how her parents divorced when she was in the 7th grade. “When my parents got a divorce, I found out before my mom did. I came home from basketball practice and there was a letter written on the counter with my dad’s wedding ring. He moved to Mexico and started his own life. He has his whole family.”

Tensions grew even worse in 2008 when Scott wrote a memoir called Mind, Body, and Soul. In passages, he alleges that Beth lied to her daughters while being a generally mean and spiteful person who lacked religious convictions. Scott even claims that Beth’s father, Gail Bierman, molested her as a child and that she suffered from bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder as a result, according to court records.

Scott filed a countersuit alleging slander, but the district court dismissed the counterclaims. The district court then ruled in favor of Beth and her father, though the Iowa Supreme Court eventually overturned the ruling against the book publisher. The Supreme Court upheld the district court’s ruling against Scott and let the petition proceed.

As she explained to Peter, “We had a really good conversation and we’ve been in communication since, but the issue is my mom doesn’t know. The reason for that is I want to make my own decision about the relationship. I want to have before I involve family or tell them and I don’t want outside influences to dictate my relationship with him and that’s why she doesn’t know.”

4. Kelsey’s Mom Beth Is Now Married To Her Stepfather Mike Rice

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While Kelsey’s biological father will not be appearing on the show, her stepfather, Mike Rice, will be present. During the Hometown Date, Kelsey discusses with her stepfather that she’s worried about getting her heartbroken as she’s already to Peter that she’s in love with him.

Her mother, Beth, however, talks to Peter directly. “You walked in the door and I know my daughter. When she loves, she loves like no other,” Beth says. “It takes a lot for her, and that’s why I guess I’m so shocked that we’re here today because it proves you’re a very special person. Nobody’s ever done this, Peter. Ever. As a mom of three and having gone through a divorce, nobody wants to have their children’s heartbroken, so don’t break my girl’s heart.”

5. Kelsey’s Little Sister Kalason Works For the Phoenix Suns

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Kelsey has another look-a-like sister, Kalason, who works for the Phoenix Suns. While twins always have a special connection, both Kelsey and Kayla are incredibly close to their little sister. Last year, Kayla visited Kalason at The Talking Stick Arena in Arizona.

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Adventuring around AZ with @kayla_weier

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All three sisters went on a trip to Chile last year for an 8-day trip. Kelsey was going there for work and she was able to bring both Kayla and Kalason along to ride horses, swim, and go on wine tours.

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