Kitty on The Masked Singer Clues & Guesses So Far (Episode 5)

Kitty The Masked Singer

FOX The Kitty in the “Mask-Matics: Group B Playoffs” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Feb. 26 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The Kitty performed for the second time this season on The Masked Singer season 3 episode 5, which aired on Wednesday, February 26. Before her performance, the Kitty’s clue package offered new hints about the person singing behind the mask.

Who is the Kitty Cat? Read on for the top clues given and guesses made about their celebrity identity as of episode 5 of The Masked Singer.

Kitty on ‘The Masked Singer’ Top Clues

Some of the major clues given in the Kitty’s episode 4 clue package were milk, pirates, a wizard, the moon, and a shattered rose. She said “I feel at home among the weird and the wonderful.”

After her first Masked Singer performance, for which she gave a skillful and sexy rendition of “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande, the Kitty told host Nick Cannon “I am being somebody that nobody has seen before and has always been inside of me. So it’s great!”

The Kitty is short in stature, suggesting the celebrity behind the mask is small in real life, too. An interesting detail about the Kitty’s mask is that it has two different color eyes.

At the start of the Kitty’s episode 5 clue package, she said “I’ve been waiting for this moment forever.” She teased that sewing is one of her favorite things to do and that she’s made a pillow or even a dress. Jenny McCarthy picked up on the words “modern” and “family” as a clue.

A little red riding hood cape was one of the major visual clues, and the Kitty said “I can feel myself growing into something brand new.”

The judge’s loved the Kitty’s performance of “Mercy” by Brett Young; after she was finished singing, the Kitty told Nick Cannon that in school “My favorite subject was English.” She said she is a bookworm and used to write her own science fiction books.

‘The Masked Singer’ Kitty Top Guesses

After her first performance, the judges guessed the Kitty could be Julianne Hough, Paris Hilton, or Nicole Richie.

On Twitter, when The Masked Singer asked “Who’s struttin’ the stage as #KittyMask?” guesses were all over the place. Fans predicted it could be Kate Bosworth, Emma Watson, Lucy Hale, Sarah Hyland, or even former Bachelorette star Hannah Brown.

Based on the episode 5 clue package and Kitty’s performance, Jenny McCarthy guessed Millie Bobby Brown, guest judge Gabriel Iglesias guessed Amanda Seyfried. Picking up on the Modern Family clue and last week’s shattered rose, Ken Jeong guessed that the Kitty is Sarah Hyland.

On Twitter, fan guesses were divided, but Sarah Hyland’s name popped up a handful of times, as well as Hyland’s Modern Family costar Ariel Winter. Some continue to believe that the Kitty is actually Emma Watson.

SPOILER ALERT: At the end of the episode, the Mouse was unmasked, which means the Kitty performs and offers new clues in episode 6 with the other remaining “Group B” contestants. Keep guessing, and check back next week for more clues and guesses!

Tune in for new episodes of The Masked Singer season 3, Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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